A Deputy ‘Ambushed’ And ‘Shot Several Times’ In Colorado; Suspect Still Loose

A deputy in Colorado was “ambushed” and shot several times as he attempted to answer a theft call early on Thursday morning. Not long after 3 a.m., the deputy responded to the call, after which he was shot multiple times, according to information released by the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Police then said that the suspect in the shooting has not yet been identified — as of this writing — and is still on the loose. The deputy has been transported to a local hospital.

It’s not currently known if the officer involved in the incident returned fire. “Numerous agencies” in the area responded to the deputy’s call for help.

Folks, it’s never been easy to be a police officer, but the job has only gotten tougher in recent years as the anti-police sentiment has exploded in this country thanks to the false narratives being pushed by progressive social justice warriors.

Prayers for this deputy and his family.

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