ABC News Director Tweets About “Cleansing” Pro-Trump Populist Movement

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

I don’t want to hear anyone on the left say a single thing about Trump supporters and bigotry after this hot mess.

The moment you refer to “cleansing” a whole group of people you have completely sacrificed whatever faux semblance of moral high ground you claimed to have had.

These people are sick, unbelievable, and dangerous. And they are mounting an offensive.

The Post Millennial reports that ABC News’ political director, Rick Klein, declared Thursday that the movement President Donald Trump “commands” is going to need to be cleansed and yes, he used those words.

“Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part. Cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else,” the pompous progressive wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

And they blame the Trump movement for division?

Are you kidding?

Can you even imagine the pearl-clutching if anyone even remotely associated with the right used the word “cleansing” in reference to a political ideology they found distasteful?

There’d be a CAT-5 media/woke corporate meltdown, people would be booted from platforms, fired from their jobs, and branded as racists and Nazis.

Kelin co-authored a piece with MaryAlice Park gleefully pontificating about the events in Washington, D.C. this week and condemning the violence.

The left is playing a very sick and twisted game in blaming President Trump for the violence, booting him from social media, and calling for him to be impeached less than two weeks before he’s set to leave office. The final phase of a socialist takeover is underway. And without the socialists having to fire even one shot.

This is ideological terrorism—they’re demonizing millions upon millions of law-abiding peaceful American citizens who have done absolutely nothing wrong but extend their circle of knowledge beyond what the mainstream corporate media complex spoon-feeds them.

The same law-abiding Americans, by the way, who quietly filed out of Washington, D.C. in a matter of hours after chaos broke out. That may have been the right thing to do for some, especially those with their children, but it was not necessarily the most effective counter.

Any reporter worth their salt would be aware that the vast majority of protesters on the ground that fateful day were not involved in sieging the Capitol Building.

There’s ample video of protesters booing and yelling at those pressed up against the building’s entrance not to break the window or go in the building.

In one distinctive video a woman can be heard shouting “no Antifa! No Antifa!” which only adds to the dozens of anecdotes from the ground of protesters acting strangely and Antifa members disguised as Trump supporters.

The left has pounced on the incident not because they’re genuinely concerned about what happened, but because they’re thrilled to have further reason to portray millions of Americans as unhinged terrorists, which they’re clearly not. They are simply freedom loving people.

They’ll find a reason to justify “cleansing” every last patriot, Christian, Jewish and independent thinker in this country and they’ve been completely open about their ideological opposition to free thought and speech.

If we were confident in addressing our grievances through our functioning institutions, the storming of the US Capital would have been even more repulsive than initially thought. This is what happens when people are ignored. The Democrat Party could have prevented the entire episode in Washington by allowing a thorough review of all the election irregularities.

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