Abortion Abolitionist Groups Urge SCOTUS To Overturn Controversial Roe v. Wade Decision

A group of Christian anti-abortion groups have now requested the Supreme Court of the United States to immediately overturn the controversial Roe V. Wade decision that has allowed abortion to be legalized, leading to a modern American homicide of murdered unborn children.

Abolish Abortion Texas have provided the folks over at the Daily Wire with an amicus brief, which is a document designed to tell the Court about certain things not yet brought to its attention, that was filed on Thursday in relation to the Dobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organiztion, which concerns a Mississippi statute that bans abortion once a baby reaches fifteen weeks of gestation.

via Daily Wire:

The brief — filed by End Abortion Now, Southern Baptists for Abolishing Abortion, Free the States, Operation Save America, twenty state legislators, and several other parties that argue for the immediate abolition of abortion — requested that the Supreme Court reverse its ruling in Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case in which the Court claimed that abortion is protected under the Fourteenth Amendment.

“Amici call upon the Court to fulfill its God-given and oath-bound constitutional duty to administer justice. Amici also call upon the Court to restrain its unconstitutional abuse of power in Roe v. Wade in order to restore public respect for the Constitution, for the Court as an institution, for the Court’s rulings in general, and for the value of human life itself,” the brief’s summary says.

“Additionally, amici respectfully advise the Court that, for so long as the Court does not overrule Roe itself, more and more Americans who are faithful to the Constitution can, should, and will be seeking to pursue the abolition of abortion via other peaceful constitutional means,” the summary continues.

“Finally, amici urge the Court to recognize that a preborn person is entitled to the equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment — state laws protecting born persons should equally protect those not yet born,” the summary concludes.

The brief also claims that Jesus Christ is Lord of the United States and cites several passages from Scripture to support their point.

Of course, both the Constitution and the Court are human inventions. This is not to say that either is unimportant, but merely to point out that neither is transcendent, inerrant, or eternal. Similarly, while public opinion is important, it is not the highest or final authority. While the stability of our country relies upon these things, it does so in a secondary way.

Ultimately, our true peace and stability depends first and foremost upon the blessing of God. Conversely, while any decline in public respect for the Constitution would be a threat to the Court, the greatest threat to all is the righteous judgment of God if we as a country and our institutions fail to acknowledge Him in all our ways as the ultimate authority.

The ultimate source of all legitimate earthly authority is divine. It is derived from “our Lord,” Jesus Christ, who has been delegated it by God the Father. As Christ said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.”

“The brief is unique because it presents the abolitionist perspective,”Abolish Abortion Texas executive director Bradley Piece said to the Daily Wire, stressing that this brief was written to stand out from any others that have been filed by pro-life groups in the past.

“Among other things, it informs the Court that, for so long as the Court does not overrule Roe itself, more and more Americans still desiring to faithfully follow God and the Constitution… are seeking to bypass the Court by pursuing the abolition of abortion via other peaceful constitutional means,” he stated.

The ultimate goal of these groups is to stop the incremental dismantling of abortion and to have it completely and totally banned in their state altogether.

As you can imagine, this brief is going to have liberals terrified, but at the end of the day, it’s folks expressing their religious beliefs and allowing their principles to guide them in attempts to bring about the end of a practice that has killed millions of children.

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