Absolutely NOT Lovin’ it! Nutcase Customer Caught on Video Going Crazy on McDonald’s Employees in Viral Video [WATCH]

Anyone that still eats poison from fast food chains has probably encountered a broken ice cream machine, but few rarely take out their anger to the extent of one irate woman who has since gone viral for her violent and profane outbursts at folks just trying to do a tough job.

Little is known about what initiated this particular episode, although the fallout was swift and severe. Take a look as this black woman loses her mind at a McDonald’s:

As disturbing as this video is, perhaps the more disturbing aspect of McDonald’s melees is how often they appear to happen. Indeed, there is no shortage of incidents and altercations at just McDonald’s alone.

Juneteenth has been a busy week, as evidenced by yet another ungracious form of celebrating emancipation at the all-American establishment.

The Mirror had the story on how the denial of a random request escalated to the point of assault:

“But when staff told her they couldn’t fulfill her request, she started losing it, jumping behind the counter and violently attacking staff.

The now-viral video shows the customer, identified as Cherysse Helena Cleveland, throwing punches and slapping staff in the face as she can’t get what she wants….

Cleveland can at one point be seen punching one of the workers before she seems to show some remorse and says: “Sorry, I have been up all day.”

But that doesn’t last long as she rips off a worker’s face mask off right after and repeatedly calls staff “b****”.

The woman then walks to the soft drinks dispenser to fill her cup up with ice – only to throw it at staff and attack them once more.”

And as if that weren’t enough, a cursory search online of basic queries like “McDonald’s fight” produces a bevy of videos resembling inner-city asylums rather than public restaurants. 

In one such video, Fox News reported that a group of rowdy teenagers were disrupting a woman and her two young children in the play area. When asked to leave, rather than respect the environment they aimless losers began hurling items at the family. From there, the situation only got worse:

“In a video shared on social media by employee Dexter Forbes Jr., the group is seen arguing with two male customers while the McDonald’s employees watch from behind the counter. That’s when the group starts throwing big items at the workers.”

Lastly, picking off the top of the search engine again reveals a propensity for certain folks to act a fool over trivial matters. Newsweek reports:

“[A] 16-year-old victim told officers the man became irate after placing an order for large French fries “because he was unsatisfied with the service because he was waiting too long.”

Eventually, the 16-year-old did return to the widow after being repeatedly called for by Noel. Surveillance footage released by Camden Police shows Noel taking the lid off his coffee and throwing the contents towards the worker and driving away in a red Ford Focus. The teen did not suffer any injuries as a result of the incident and refused treatment.”

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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