Alan Dershowitz Says Giuliani Law License Ban Won’t Stand Because He Was Denied Due Process

According to Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, the suspension of Rudy Giuliani’s law license likely won’t stand as he was denied due process. Dershowitz, appearing on Newsmax over the weekend, stated that there would be “no lawyers left” if they were disbarred so easily.

“Plea bargain associations always involve puffing of your side, always involve exaggerations,” Dershowitz stated during an interview on “Saturday Report.”

Giuliani’s law license in the state of New York was suspended after a state appeals court made the claim that he lied by stating that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from his client, then-President Donald Trump.

via Newsmax:

The court claimed Giuliani had made several false statements about voting in Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, highlighting a court hearing in Pennsylvania where the former New York City mayor alleged there was widespread voter fraud but had not mentioned it in his former written complaint.

“I taught legal ethics for 35 years at Harvard,” Dershowitz went on to add. “I’ve never seen a case like this.”

Meanwhile, Giuliani did not have a hearing or an opportunity to prove whether or not he had told the truth, or if he knew that he was lying, Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie.

The ruling against Giuliani’s law license might stand in the New York courts, which means that it could end up being decided in the Supreme Court, according to Dershowitz.

Still, Dershowitz said he thinks, after there is a hearing, it will be much harder to make Giuliani’s suspension stand.

“The criteria is so vague,” he continued, adding, “If you start holding lawyers responsible for everything, they said, my God, I can tell you myself and my own experience: Many, many lawyers who have committed much, much worse lies in the public domain, and they don’t go after them. This is a very selective department.”

One thing we know for sure is the left is desperate to keep anyone who supported Trump during his time as president suffer for their choice. And they are getting creative in how they ensure their revenge happens.

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