Alan Dershowitz Says Trump’s Lawsuit Against Big Tech Will ‘Frame The Law’ For 21st Century

Law professor Alan Dershowitz stated during an interview with Newsmax that those who have slammed former President Donald Trump’s class-action lawsuit against Big Tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google, are not only plain “wrong” about the merits of the case, but are being dangerously dismissive of a case that will be dictating the legal precedent for future generations to come, regardless of whether or not the case is heard.

“All bets are off; this is a very important case; we don’t know how it will be decided,” Dershowitz went on to say during the “Saturday Report.” “But whatever way it is decided, it will frame the law for the rest of the 21st century in the age of high tech. That’s why it’s so important.”

via Newsmax:

Dershowitz, author of “Case Against the New Censorship: Protecting Free Speech from Big Tech, Progressives, and Universities,” noted conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas sees mainstream social media entities in the modern age as “common carriers, and they should be subject to the rules of common carriers.”

“Look, opponents of Trump, who will oppose everything he does, think there’s nothing to this case, and they’ve attacked me, and they’ve attacked him, and they’ve attacked everybody,” Dershowitz then said to host Carl Higbie. “And they say there’s nothing to it and it’s not an important case.

“No, they’re wrong. It is an important case. But they’re right it’s an unpredictable case,” he continued.

The legal construct of Section 230 might be ultimately determined by just whether the Supreme Court hears this case, according to Dershowitz, because if the case is dismissed it will ostensibly harden Section 230 as precedent for website publishers moving forward, granting them civil lawsuit immunity.

Dershowitz also took pointed opposition to fellow Harvard Law School professor emeritus Laurence Tribe, who has made it clear he opposes everything Trump stands behind, while also criticizing Dershowitz’s own legal positions as matters of politics. Notably, they are both liberals, but with vastly divergent opinions on constitutional law.

Dershowitz then went on to explain that having a tribe on your side is not a very good argument for the merits of a case.

“That’s all you need is to get Tribe on your side,” Dershowitz said in conclusion. “If you’re against Trump, he’s on your side. If you’re doing something that in any way favors Trump, he calls you crazy and bonkers and all of those name calling, which is inappropriate for a professor.”


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