Alleged Sexual Abuse Occurred In Denver Antifa Supply Van

A confession thread posted to Twitter and reported by The Post Millennial reports that an anonymously run account admits to having engaged in sex acts with multiple people in front of a “non-participating and non-consenting comrade.”

The bizarre thread confesses to an incident that occurred inside an RV that was being used by the far-left activists to patrol a camp as volunteer security.

@Goatshade, whose Twitter profile preferred pronoun is “comrade,” so this is going to be challenging, laments that, “This incident occurred during the leadup to a sweep of an unhoused encampment—the imminent uprooting and destruction of all the lives therein barring any sort of deterrence or damage control.”

“That I used such a time for this kind of pleasure is selfish injustice in itself and I hold myself to complete account for it,” comrade continues.

Pointing to comrade’s “longstanding, unaddressed traumas, neurodivergences, and insecurities” that comrade has “consistently failed to address,” comrade (gosh, this is irritating) plans to pursue therapeutic avenues that will help “organizational spaces [to be] justice-oriented and non-oppressive,” whatever the heck that means.

In response, @AnarchoTrash, another pro-Antifa Twitter account who appears to be the owner of the RV, writes, “I also bear responsibility for this incident as the RV was mine, and I was the oldest person in that RV.”

The activist goes on to hint that a “young” individual had been involved in the incident, leading one to wonder if a minor was involved in the incident, which could theoretically spell a legitimate incident of child sexual abuse.

These people are just gems, aren’t they?

The incident took place as the city of Denver had planned to clear the Five Points tent encampment. Radical activists set up around-the-clock patrols to try to prevent the clean-up.

According to CBSN Denver, four people were arrested for failing to obey the dispersal order and roughly 30 of the camp occupants were able to relocate to a Salvation Army shelter.

PM notes that, “The city is currently facing a federal lawsuit over such efforts to clean up sprawling tent cities. Left-wing activists argue that removing encampments increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus during the pandemic.”

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