Americans Overwhelmingly Support Law Enforcement. Why Are They Afraid to Stand Up to Radicals?

This summer, it’s never felt more like Americans have no appreciation for law enforcement.

The streets are raging with tactical, militant anti-police violence, led by political organizations that openly call for dead cops and declare that “All Cops Are Bastards.”

On September 12, two Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies were shot at point-blank range in Compton.

As they struggled for their lives, onlookers stood by and watched while one truly sick individual openly mocked the bleeding officers, calling it “justice.”

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians, Hollywood celebrities, and privileged and wealthy athletes declare that black men are being “hunted” and “terrorized” by police officers.

Is this really how the majority of Americans feel? Or is this a radical, elite political ploy being pushed by groups of very violent, very aggressive useful idiots on the street, bent on completely upending our American system of justice for all?

According to a recent poll from Just the News and Scott Rasmussen, the vast majority of Americans support law enforcement.

The outlet reports:

The vast majority of American voters believe that police officers deserve support and respect for the jobs they do, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.

Among registered voters, 83% agree that policing is a “noble profession,” that police “dedicate their lives to upholding the law and protecting the sacred rights of their fellow citizens,” and that they should be shown “support and respect” for the work they do.

A full 54% “strongly agree” with that position. Just 15% of voters disagree, meanwhile, while 3% were unsure.

Another recent Gallup poll taken in August showed that 81% of Black Americans don’t want less police presence nor do they want police to be defunded.

If this is true, where are these people right now? The fear and intimidation used to silence police supporters by these cop and America hating groups are working.

For how long would the anti-police rhetoric and critical race theory propaganda continue if Americans who do back the blue actually made a stand for law and order?

Look how much damage this minority of violent radicals can do on their own, from Compton to Portland to New York City and Rochester.

They’ve made no secret that they’re willing to target random civilians and law enforcement officers alike. They are moving into a new phase from simply throwing rocks and bottles at police to actually shooting at them. They saw that no one stopped them from assaulting police during the riots.

If you back the blue, are you also willing to do your part to uphold the public order? Or are you going to stand by while the radicals destroy it for the sake of not ruffling any feathers?

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