America’s Sheriff David Clarke Makes Statement on Woke Mobs After Being Disinvited To Speak At Oregon Law Enforcement Event

Even law enforcement groups can bow to the woke mob, as the Oregon School Resource Officers Association proved when it bowed to the demands of a collection of outraged leftists, bowing to its demands and canceling a highly anticipated speaking event with “America’s Sheriff”, Sheriff David Clarke. He was supposed to speak at the group’s 2022 School Safety Conference.

Formerly a sheriff in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sheriff Clarke is a noted critic of some aspects of and players within the woke movement, particularly groups like Black Lives Matter that are known for their race-based, vitriolic remarks, violent protests, and attacks on America’s Founding Fathers.

It is that opposition to Black Lives Matter that got Sheriff Clarke canceled, with the Oregonian running a hit piece on him in an effort to get his speech canceled.

In the hit piece, the Oregonian primarily focused on his opposition to BLM and critique of how the government is treating groups such as the Proud Boys that were involved in the January 6th protest, saying, for example:

Clarke, who is Black, has consistently referred to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations for civil rights and against police bias and brutality as “Black Lies Matter.” He once said the movement would “join forces with ISIS.”

In recent weeks, he has defended the Proud Boys, calling the prosecution of some of the group’s leaders on sedition charges in the U.S. Capitol insurrection an “abuse of power.” He also criticized the U.S. Justice Department’s decision to investigate the police response to the Uvalde school shooter as improper.

The hit piece evidently proved successful, with the Oregon School Resource Officers Association canceling the speech, which was to be about “leadership and law enforcement issues”.

The group announced that it was bending the knee and canceling the speech in an email, saying:

While we never give our conference presenters a platform to talk about personal political views, David’s statements have caused a number of individuals and organizations within our state to reach out to OSROA and express their desire to not see us host David at our conference.

OSROA has never been, and will never be, a political organization. OSROA cares about two things – Safe Schools and Safe Kids in Oregon. If any presenter, in the eyes of some, is going to damage our ability to fulfill that mission, then we must and will make the necessary changes.

After careful consideration of these factors, the OSROA board voted unanimously yesterday to cancel David Clarke’s presentation. A replacement will be named at a later date.

In other words, they bent the knee to the crowd of woke protesters, booting Sheriff Clarke from the annual conference because of his political views and a few woke protesters finding them disagreeable.

Activists were quick to gloat, with, for example, OregonLive quoting an Oregon “community activist” as sayingGreat victory! So grateful for those who spoke out about their concerns.”

Speaking on the cancellation from the Oregon School Resources Officer Group, a group he has defended in the past, Sheriff Clarke brilliantly blasted its bowing to the woke mob, saying (emphasis ours):

There are too many Americans sacrificing their principles for short-term comfort and convenience when threatened by a woke mob. To do so is only hoping that the alligator eats you last. Freedom of expression is a bedrock tenet of American Democracy. Freedom and liberty will only survive if those with counter viewpoints stand their ground against the woke mob’s bullying tactic of speech suppression. It is time RISE UP and defeat this totalitarian enemy of free speech.”

Watch him discuss the issue here:

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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