Andrew Wilkow: The New “Omnipotent” Government That’s Working to Purge the Right

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

It has become abundantly clear over the last month that the new establishment administration and apparatus at large has declared ideological war on the political movement we’re led to believe they just handily defeated.

Almost overnight, the millions of supporters of President Donald Trump along with anyone who aligns ideologically with pro-Americanism, small government republicanism, free speech, or traditional values has been covered with the umbrella of “insurgents” and “extremists.”

The latest victim is Lou Dobbs, by far the most popular host on the Fox Business network but decidedly too loyal to the America First movement that has now been branded as a dangerous political dissident movement.

On a recent episode of “Wilkow” for BlazeTV, host Andrew Wilkow stated that the enemy of the New Democrat government is “everywhere – even within the government. So there must be a purge.”

The first stage of clearing any challenge to the monopoly of thought, what constitutes truth, or “wrong-think” is to accept that the truth is whatever the “omnipotent government” says it is, Wilkow charged.

“Everything else is a lie, and now deemed a danger.”

With headlines such as ‘Trump’s Path to Domestic Terrorism’ (Daily News: Jan 11th 2021) and ‘Riot? Insurrection? Words Matter in Describing Capitol Siege’ (Associated Press: Jan 14th 2021) in the news, Wilkow says the new government and media have little choice but to ban Trump from the public sphere and anyone who might have followed him.

The second stage in the quest to “purge the heretics”  Wilkow states, is to bar all political opposition. In an interview on Firing Line, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) was asked by host Margaret Hoover if he would agree with the removal of Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) based on the fourteenth amendment, section 3 of the Constitution. Senator Manchin answers that while he gets along “very well” with Senator Cruz, he believes that what the Senator did was, “totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities that we have.”

According to Wilkow, the goal is now to bring everyone into “total submission” – both the general masses and those within the government. He gives as an example, the 12 Army National Guard members who were removed from Inauguration duty as part of a security vetting process. Wilkow says that “wrong-think will be purged through fear of being ejected and losing one’s pension.”

Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) interviewed by Jim Sciutto on CNN (Jan 18th 2021) claimed that around 75% of the guard “might want to do something” because they are “more conservative” and that “there were military people and police who took (an) oath to defend the Constitution, and to protect and defend, who didn’t do it who were in the insurrection.”

This is truly terrifying stuff, and if you haven’t been aware that this is the harsh reality of today’s new radical progressive left, I surely hope you’re waking up now.

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