Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Founder Busted for Sexual Abuse Bashed Trump In Response

John Weaver, a former aide to Senator John McCain and co-founder of The Lincoln Project, has recently been cast into the public eye for sexual allegations brought against him.

On Wednesday, January 13th Forensic News founder CEO and lead investigator, Scott Stedman, reported the explosive story.

“John Weaver, a former top aide to Senator John McCain, Governor John Kasich, and a co-founder of the anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project, sent sexually suggestive messages to at least 30 young men and in some cases, sent unsolicited pictures of his penis, flew politically ambitious men to his location for massages, and offered jobs in exchange for sexual relations,” Stedman wrote.

Surprisingly, it was revealed by lead investigator Stedman that he himself was one of Weaver’s alleged victims.

“After being professionally acquainted with Weaver, this reporter received unwanted personal messages from the political strategist in which Weaver said he had ‘advice’ before commenting on this reporter’s looks, calling him ‘hot.’ … Later, Weaver offered a “joint venture” before asking for a phone call multiple times, which was declined,” Stedman revealed.

Other young men revealed that they also had endured similar interactions with Weaver, according to Forensic News. 

“All alleged that they received uncomfortable and sometimes sexually explicit messages from Weaver after originally connecting with him in a professional capacity,” Stedman wrote.

“The ages of the men that spoke to Forensic News ranged from 19 to 28-years-old and most indicated that they were in college or had recently graduated and were looking for jobs in politics,” he continued.

“One man, who was a 21-year-old college student at the time he received untoward messages from Weaver and asked not to be named, described the advances as ‘disgusting.’”

Apparently, in a Twitter Direct Message seen by Forensic News Weaver wrote, “you have beautiful dark hair…so dark eyes…perfect. F–k.”   Weaver then offered to fly the 21-year-old man to Austin, Texas with an offer of help finding job opportunities for him, according to Stedman.

Another example of Weaver’s sexual misconduct further solidifies the allegations against him, provided by Forensic News:

Another man in his early twenties who also was initially drawn to networking and political job opportunities extended by Weaver agreed to meet for dinner before Weaver changed the venue to his hotel.

Weaver ‘always made it sound like he would help me network, meet the right people, help me get good political jobs,’ the man who wanted to remain anonymous told me.

After arriving at the hotel, things changed. Weaver pressured the man to give him a massage. Later on, Weaver asked the man to be ‘licked down there,’ which shocked the man given his expectation of having a professional discussion over dinner.

Two other men corroborated this kind of episode, telling Forensic News that Weaver wanted them to give him massages at his hotel room.

After several days of allegations, Weaver finally came forward with a statement on Friday, January 15th. BizPac Review described it as “Kevin Spacey-esque.” In his statement he addressed the nature of the alleged conversations which took place, calling them “inappropriate”.

“The truth is that I’m gay. And that I have a wife and two kids who I love. My inability to reconcile those two truths has led to this agonizing place. To the men I made uncomfortable through my messages that I viewed as consensual mutual conversations at the time: I am truly sorry,” he wrote.

However, he also made references to Donald Trump supporters taking aim at him as a means of discrediting himself and The Lincoln Project. Or, as BizPac Review labeled it, an “anti-Trump grifter clique.”

When in doubt? Bash Trump. Apparently we’re still doing this.

“I want to state clearly that the other smears being leveled at me by Donald Trump’s enablers as a way to get back at the Lincoln Project for our principled stand for democracy are categorically false and outrageous,” Weaver claimed.

Give me a break.

Weaver reportedly took a leave of absence from The Lincoln Project over the summer, according to BizPac Review, and has  not yet returned.

Ryan Girdusky of OAN claimed that many involved in the Lincoln Project knew about his sexual impropriety but chose to ignore it.

According to Axios, a Lincoln spokesperson gave a brief statement in which she said  that, “John’s statement speaks for itself.” Nothing more was said about it.

It is not known if he will have to answer legally for the allegations made against him.

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