Anti-Vaccine Mandate Group Issues Response To Mass Flight Cancellations, Says ‘Flight Crews Have Reached Their Breaking Point’

American Airlines has been forced to cancel a staggering 2,000 plus flights over  the course of the weekend, with close to 300 more cancellations on Monday, as the airline continues to suffer from major staff shortages thanks to the vaccine mandate.

These cancellations have left thousands of folks stranded at airports all around the United States, which as you might imagine, is not only inconvenient and infuriating, but is working to turn more and more people in this country against vaccine mandates.

According to a report from ABC News, the airline went on to cite high winds in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport hub last Thursday, along with what they referred to as “logistical problems” due to flight crew work limits as the primary reason they cancelled all of these flights. ABC then stated in their report that the flights left crews out of their scheduled positions, which also supposedly led to cancellations that went on for days.

This certainly seems like making excuses to cover up the real reason, doesn’t it? The airlines don’t want you to know that many of their employees are against being vaccinated for the coronavirus. Can’t allow that group of individuals to look like the majority of Americans because then the false narrative loses power over citizens of the nation.

“The problem with most of the large airlines is if they if one hub sneezes, the other hubs catch colds,” aviation expert Henry Harteveldt went on to tell mainstream media news outlet ABC. “The airlines’ networks are all interconnected.”

“Unfortunately, when bad weather hits an airline at the end of the month, the problems are exacerbated because often crews are out of the legal amount of time they’re allowed to work,” Harteveldt continued.

via Daily Wire:

In an internal memo to staff, American Airlines COO David Seymour said that the airline was forced to cancel some flights “for the last few days this month” in order to deal with the scheduling difficulties. The memo said that the company would be able to make it through “the brief irregular ops period quickly with the start of a new month.” The airline is expecting reinforcements to help ease the issues, as 1,800 flight attendants are set to return from leave, which ABC reported should help to re-stabilize the schedule.

The U.S. Freedom Flyers, an organization of airline and transportation workers working to oppose the vaccine mandates imposed by airlines and the federal government, disagreed with the airline’s public statements. In a press release to The Daily Wire, the organization blamed the staff shortages on stresses imposed on staff because of vaccine rules.

“The system is stressed as it is and now we have unions coming out and gaslighting their members that if they are unvaccinated, they need counseling and education,” Freedom Flyers founding member Jason Kusinich, citing an email message sent by the president of the American Airlines Pilots’ Union, which stated that unvaccinated crew members need some “education and counseling,” went on to say.

“[I]t appears as though flight crews have reached their breaking point,” the memo stated. “Flight crews are acknowledging that because their Unions and Companies have broken their social contract, they are in a place where it is not safe for them to fly. ‘The unions and companies haven’t shown up for employees and now those employees aren’t showing up for work.’”

“Delays and cancellations are continuing and appear to be spilling over into Monday, November 1 as well. Perhaps the sooner the unions and company leadership start showing up for their represented members and employees the sooner operations can get back to normal,” the memo continued.

This is the second major meltdown where a major airline was forced to make a ton of cancellation over the courses of the last three weeks.


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