Antifa Takes Out Their Outrage At Biden for Detaining Migrant Children On Portland’s Business Owners

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

President Joe Biden is in office and antifa terrorists are not yet pleased because, of course, they actually believe in the anarcho-communist garbage they preach, however illogical and clearly entirely immoral.

Antifa is, however, consistent on the one point that they appear to be just as mad about unaccompanied migrant minors being detained in federal facilities now as they were when Trump was in office—but they’re taking their anger out on Portland’s small business owners because they’re cowards, not freedom fighters.

Why don’t they descend onto the US southern border and demonstrate?

Antifa ideology justifies these attacks in the name of their twisted ideology, of course, but what they do in reality is essentially throw major public temper tantrums to get attention and provoke police reaction so they can feign persecution.

Biden’s America is no different, as it happens, because Democrats have never wanted to do anything to confront the threat of antifa ideology—heck, half the time they won’t even admit it exists. 

Even Biden himself said it was “just an idea.” As if ideas aren’t deadly and the primary driving force between the rise in militant terrorist groups?

Local KOIN-TV reported over the weekend that yet again, antifa terrorists descended on downtown Portland to wreak havoc on Sunday and this time around, they’re upset that the Biden administration has begun housing unaccompanied migrant minors in detainment facilities on the southern border.

Businesses in the district have been coated with graffiti decrying police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Demonstrators also broke windows at some businesses.

A Chipotle on Northwest Lovejoy Street had its windows smashed out at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday while customers were still inside. Other businesses caught in the damage include a Starbucks, an Urban Pantry and an Umpqua Bank. As protesters chanted for police to “go home,” residents shouted at protesters from their balconies to “go home.”

The reliable Andy Ngo shared footage of the destruction:

Anyone surprised?


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