Arrests Made In the Death of Capitol Hill Officer Brian Sicknick

We have been covering the mysterious death of Brian Sicknick, who collapsed at Capitol Hill Police headquarters after an altercation with protesters on January 6th and later died at the hospital.

The mainstream media originally reported that he had been bludgeoned to death by a fire extinguisher—it turned out no such incident took place.

They believed that he had suffered a medical emergency as a result of being pepper-sprayed.

This month, two individuals who allegedly wielded bear mace against Sicknick, as it happens, were arrested and charged with his death.

The Post Millennial reported:

Two men have been arrested and charged with assaulting Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, who died after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. Federal authorities made the arrests, though there is uncertainty as to whether Sicknick died as a result of altercations on that day.

Those arrested are Pennsylvanian man Julian Elie Khater, 32, and George Pierre Tanios, 39, from Morgantown, West Virg. Both men were arrested on Sunday and are expected in federal court on Monday.

The men are charged with nine counts. These include assaulting Sicknick, and two other officers, with a “deadly weapon,” a canister of bear spray. Additionally, they face charges of obstruction of a congressional proceeding and civil disorder, and could face 20 years in federal prison.

The men are alleged to have sprayed Sicknick with bear spray. In a video, Khater can be heard to say to Tanios “Give me that bear sh*t.” The video was shot at the Lower West Terrace of the Capitol at 2:14 pm, according to the Washington Post.

Sicknick was reportedly near the men at the time they discussed bear spray, standing behind bicycle racks. Khater said he had been hit with bear spray, and can be seen on video spraying bear spray in the officer’s face, according to arrest records.

It hasn’t been long since the narrative that Sicknick died as a result of the injuries he sustained on Capitol Hill amid the riots crafted by the media after the fact fell apart. That a canister of bear spray is defined as a deadly weapon under statutes defined will be interesting.

Now, two individuals have been charged with his death—after investigators had grown frustrated that they were unable to pin homicide on anyone for Sicknick’s death? At the time, CNN reported they’d been “vexed.”

That they’ve pulled two perps out of nowhere well over two months after the fact is certainly worth raising an eyebrow over, at best.

This appears to be a dragnet at best.

We still remain in the dark about the circumstances surrounding the death of Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt who was unarmed when she was shot and killed by a federal officer whose actions were quickly ruled justifiable. Her autopsy report remains sealed.

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