As Rioting Ravaged Philly, City Council Voted to Weaken Police Response to Civil Unrest

While the eyes of the nation have been fixed on the now-messy general election this week, it was just a few days ago that yet another major American city was under attack from the left-wing mob.

Philadelphia saw widespread violence and rioting that the city’s police force struggled to control in response to yet another poorly understood police shooting that the law enforcement experts of Twitter thought was unjust.

Of course, said “experts” think that all it takes to stop a knife-wielding repeat offender who is charging at officers of the peace is a shot in the leg and a good talking to from a psychotherapist (who, ideally, had shown up instead of a police officer).

These same “experts” were also considerably more concerned about whether the police officers who were responding to the violent and lawless and violent criminals that filled the streets of Philly as a result were too violent than they were about the innocent business and civilians who were victimized by the radical thugs.


And apparently the Philadelphia City Council is being run by such Twitter keyboard warriors.

As The Blaze reported last week:

In the middle of a week marked by rioting, looting, and violence, Philadelphia City Council on Thursday passed a ban on police using non-lethal munitions such as tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets on protesters and demonstrators.

The legislation is in reaction to incidents between officers and protesters following the death of George Floyd earlier this year, WPVI-TV reported, and was approved by the council’s public safety committee last week.

Of course, the rioting that gripped the city this week stems from police fatally shooting Walter Wallace Jr., a black man who approached officers while reportedly armed with a knife.

“The ban passes at a time of demonstrations and unrest after the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., and days before an election where demonstrations are expected regardless of the result,” the council said in a press release, according to WPVI.

“Residential neighborhoods are not war zones. Demonstrators are not enemy combatants,” declared Councilmember Helen Gym. She added that the ban would help to re-establish trust between the public and law enforcement.


Is it really the police who have broken that trust?

These people are out of their minds.

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