As U.S. Schoolchildren Remain At Home, Migrant Children Are Getting Classroom Education In Detainment Facilities

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

This weekend, First Lady Jill Biden told a Univision reporter who was pressing her husband and charge (the President of the United States, Joe Biden) on the whole “children in cages” thing at the southern border.

As President Biden began to trail off when responding to a question about child detainment facilities, Jill jumped in to defend the “humane” treatment of the minors, who are receiving a number of services at the border, as it happens.

“I mean we want to make sure that these children are safe, that they get mental health services, they get physical health services, they get education,” she said of the kids.

There are citizen children in the United States who get inadequate care in those areas.

Wait…education? As millions of American schoolchildren remain stuck in in-person learning, their academic success and mental health ailing severely while teachers unions’ use them like pawns in their political power plays?


Last week, BizPac Review noted that according to the Department of Homeland Security, unaccompanied migrant children are being provided with “classroom education” among the services they receive on the taxpayer dime.

Is that in English or Espanol?

From BizPac Review:

Reports on Tuesday noted that DHS reopened a migrant overflow facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, as illegal immigration ramps up following a series of executive orders signed last month by President Joe Biden as he took office that undid most of former President Donald Trump’s tough border enforcement actions.

According to DHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, reopening the facility was necessary in order to prevent unaccompanied alien children (UAC) from being kept in facilities operated by the U.S. Border Patrol. According to USA Today, reopening the Influx Care Facility will “ensure that children are placed in an appropriate setting where they can receive care and services, such as education, medical and mental health care, counseling, recreation, and access to legal services.”

Indeed, they note, according to the ORR’s website, migrant children are receiving “classroom education” along with the mental health services, health care, legal counsel, vocational training, and other services.

Just like Jill said.

Meanwhile, the American public school unions have been battling with parents across the nation as they try to prevent a return to in-person learning. Illegal alien children are not ripe yet for the teaching establishment to use them as political pawns.

Putting aside entirely the issue of open borders policies and the hugely complex and important issue of unaccompanied migrant minors and their detainment in federal facilities—let’s just say all this spending is entirely justified.

How could anyone possibly argue then, that American schoolchildren are less deserving of the services that their parents are directly paying for with their federal, state, and local taxes?!

So there are now millions of parents across the country whose taxes fund public schooling whose children at home while migrant children are experiencing in-person learning.

Let that sink in.

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