August Marked 8th Consecutive Month Of Record Firearm Purchases

If there’s anything Americans have learned this year, it’s how important it is to be able to defend yourself and your family should all hell break loose. And, well, all hell is breaking loose.

Breitbart reports that August of 2020 was the eighth consecutive month of record background checks for gun sales and transfers. Background checks are the best measure we have of how many people are purchasing firearms.

FBI figures show 3,115,063 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks were performed in August 2020, shattering the previous August record of 2,366,824.

On August 3, 2020, Breitbart News reported every month, January 2020 through July 2020, set a record. In other words, there were more NICS checks in January 2020 than in any January ever, and more NICS checks in February 2020 than in any February ever. March 2020 set the record for March, April 2020 for April, and so on, all the way through July.

Now it is clear August extended the record-setting streak to eight consecutive months.

The outlet adds that, in addition to the record NICS checks, they also reported National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) figures show there have been nearly five million first-time gun buyers taking the plunge into gun ownership between January 2020 and July 2020.

The NSSF also noted that gun sales among black men and women have also surged considerably.

This comes as crime spikes in Democrat-run cities across the nation and rioting and looting have become the new normal.

Nothing makes you realize just how defenseless you are like realizing you can’t rely on law enforcement. When the authority of the state (police) vanishes, people have no choice but to become their own authority as a survival means. When this happens, things can get ugly.

Millions of Americans are likely realizing that, were there to be no one on the other end when they call 911, they’d be sitting ducks in their own homes. When seconds matter, police will be hours away if responding at all.

Police are not omnipresent. They weren’t meant to be. As law enforcement is either tied up with relentless unrest or just flat-out defunded by the same radicals leading the violence in the streets, many clearly feel that it’s now on them to defend life and property.

While it’s always great whenever Americans exercise their God-given Second Amendment rights, it’s also shameful that our nation has deteriorated to this point.

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