Awful Relief Bill Allocates Billions for Globalist Pet Causes Including Gates Foundation, Foreign Countries

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Well, we have a “relief” bill that professes to provide relief to millions of struggling American families but is jam-packed full of pork that allocates billions for foreign countries and globalist organizations.

Of course.

This isn’t a relief bill, it’s an abomination. An insult to the American people. It is over 5,000 pages that was handed to each member of Congress and then told a vote would come two hours later.

Any GOP member of Congress who voted for this should be recalled or at least face a primary in 2022.

No Republican signing this can ever say again they are for limited government, lower taxes or cares about the national debt that will be at $30 trillion after this porkulus spending.

Newswars explains that while the $900 billion provides funding for schools and rental assistant programs as well as a one-time payment of $600 to every taxpayer, billions more go to places like the Gates foundation and dubious foreign governments who hardly pull their weight to keep our country safe.

$4 billion is earmarked for the Gates’ GAVI project while another $1.4 billion goes to something called the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act.”

Hundreds of millions more are set for Israel, Ukraine, Sudan, Nepal, Burma, and Cambodia. Fifteen billion dollars goes to Sri Lanka for them to repair a military vessel. Wonder what a new one would cost?



One item that captured quite a bit of attention was the head-scratching cause of “gender programs” in Islamist Pakistan.



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