AZ Rep. Hoffman Says The Situation At The Southern Border ‘Incredibly Bad’

According to Rep. Jake Hoffman, a Republican from Arizona, the situation unfolding at the southern border is “incredibly bad” in his state, where border counties are now seeing in increases in violent crime between 300 and 400 percent.

“We’re seeing situations where their county jail systems are over a third full of illegal border crossers (who are) committing crimes once they’re in this country,” the Republican lawmaker went on to say during his conversation on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “That is a travesty. And look, this is not just a border crisis. This is a humanitarian crisis.”

He then added that the Biden administration is “openly inviting” more migrants to come across the border, which is creating an economic and crime crisis.

“It goes on and on in the middle of the worst pandemic we’ve had in more than a century, so it just makes no sense,” said the congressman. “It doesn’t seem like there’s any sort of endgame in mind when it comes to the administration, except for trying to turn states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas blue or more blue.”

via Newsmax:

Meanwhile, Democrats are dismissing the news that more than 20% of the migrants entering the country with COVID-19, while acting as they please, Hoffman claimed.

“Barack Obama is holding a birthday party with hundreds of people maskless dancing and partying,” Hoffman went on to say. “AOC (Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) is taking photo ops and just putting on a mask purely for the photo and then taking it right back off again. (California Gov.) Gavin Newsom is holding house parties. This is something that people should be concerned about.”

He also accused the Biden administration of “spitting in the face of Americans when they say that these border crossers are coming because of climate change.”

“That’s his laughable as it possibly gets,” Hoffman continued. “This is a real health crisis, given the amount of positive rate that we’re seeing come across the border.”

Hoffman noted that border numbers should be dropping due to the August heatwave, but that’s not happening at all, which is “extremely concerning.”

“Those are kids that are being forced oftentimes via human trafficking, forced to make that trek through a dangerous and deadly desert because the Biden administration and Kamala Harris, who are inviting these people to come across our border and to make that dangerous journey,” he concluded.

It’s really not that hard to solve this issue. Build the wall. Enforce the law. Stop allowing these folks over here, especially during the pandemic. You’d think this is rocket science or something.

Then again, if the left stops this crisis, who will they use to build up the Democratic Party with?


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