Ben Carson Rips Critical Race Theory, Refers To It As A ‘Bunch Of Garbage’

Former head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under former President Donald Trump and famous neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, recently had a chance to sit down with Newsmax and talk about Critical Race Theory, which he then called a “bunch of garbage.”

And the man is totally right on the money concerning his assessment of this Marxist ideology that is being shoved down on kids all across the country in government run public schools.

If you aren’t sure what CRT actually is, the Encyclopedia Britannica defines it as “the concept in which race is a socially constructed category ingrained in American law intended to maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites. It holds that the U.S. society is inherently or systemically racist,” as posted on Newsmax.

During the conversation on “Greg Kelly Reports,” Carson came out in agreement with that definition, going on to define it as “an attempt to use race as a mechanism for redefining our society. Redefining what it was based on, and how it impacts everybody. And it wants our people to believe that your race is the most critical determinant of who you are and what happens to you and our society. In other words, it’s a bunch of garbage.”

This whole topic has been a powerful weapon in the hands of the radical left who have been using it ensure that Americans are divided along racial lines, thus preventing us from banding together as one nation with a shared set of values, upholding freedom and liberty for all.

“I’m probably in a unique position when it comes to race,” Carson went on to state, “in that I’m also a neurosurgeon. And you know when I peel that scalp back and take that bone flap off and open the dura, I’m looking at the thing that makes that person who they are.

“It’s not their nose or their hair or the skin that makes them who they are. It is their brain, and the way that it processes information. That’s what determines your character,” he continued.


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