Biden Administration Eyes New Push For The Return Of Masks

Officials working within the Biden administration, along with top White House aides, are now talking about whether or not they should urge vaccinated Americans to wear masks in new settings, according to a report from The Washington Post.

In other words, the left is itching to take back the power they started to allow everyone to have back and they are looking once again toward the coronavirus pandemic to help provide their justification for just such a move.

via Newsmax:

As the delta variant spreads, officials are now debating whether they should push for new mask recommendations, six people familiar with the discussions told the newspaper. Some of the talks include representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who are separately examining whether to update their masking guidance.

White House officials maintained any new guidance on masks would have to come from the CDC. They insist the White House has taken steps to ensure there is no interference with the work of scientists.

“At the White House, we follow the guidance and advice of health and medical experts,” Kevin Munoz, assistant press secretary went on to say. “Public health guidance is made by the CDC, and they continue to recommend that fully vaccinated individuals do not wear a mask. If you are not vaccinated, you should be wearing a mask.”

But two sources tell the Post that one idea being discussed in some of the talks would be to ask everyone to wear masks when vaccinated and unvaccinated people mix in public places or indoors, like in malls.

Word of the talks came as former Trump administration Surgeon General Jerome Adams issued a mea culpa on advising against masks at the start of the pandemic, and added a warning the CDC acted too swiftly under the Biden administration to lift mask recommendations.

Adams went on to say that he is speaking from experience, the CDC needs to reverse its lifting of mask recommendations sooner rather than later.

“Now you have health officials, cities & counties (eg LA County), & likely soon states issuing guidance in direct conflict w/ the mask guidance @CDCgov issued a month ago. The sooner CDC says we were wrong, & hits the reset button, the better,” he said in a post on Twitter, adding, “Trust me- I know more than anyone.”

According to the Post report, the renewed talks of mask wearing are coming about as the country is beginning to see more than 40,000 new cases of the coronavirus every day as the rate of vaccinations keeps slowing down.



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