Biden’s Education Secretary Seeks to Divide Students Along Racial Lines

The man that President-Elect Joe Biden has named as Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is a prime example of the supposedly incoming administration’s goals when it comes to racial politics.

And it certainly doesn’t bode well for the already abysmal state of public education in our nation.

Cardona, The Post-Millennial notes, is primarily dedicated to eliminating “achievement gaps between racial and ethnic groups and to instill race-based curriculum.”

“His most recent achievement in this area in the state of Connecticut was to require all high schools to offer courses in race-based history, including African American, black, Latino, and Puerto Rican studies,” they explain.

This will all be done from the starting point of intersectional politics that divide people along racial and ethnic lines, which is literally the opposite of judging someone according to the content of their character.

Connecticut’s Board of Education unanimously approved of this proposal in Cordona’s home state and he hopes that, while such classes will begin as electives, they will ultimately be required.

“Let’s not forget the connection between kids wanting to be in school and kids attending school,” he said.

“And when we see that our attendance rate with Black and Latino students is worse, when we see that our achievement outcomes or academic outcomes are disparate in Connecticut, we have to take real action,” he continued.

In his 2011 doctoral thesis, “Sharpening the Focus of Political Will to Address Achievement Disparities,” Cardona lays out his map for intersectional education to achieve “equity,” not to be confused with “equality.

Cardona summarizes the framework of his project as “the disparities in achievement patterns between subgroups of students could be addressed if school, leaders and policymakers applied their political will to reduce the achievement gap with a sharper focus in four areas: (1) providing instructional leadership that builds the capacity of teachers to enhance the learning of all students effectively, (2) supporting effective professional learning opportunities for teachers, (3) effectively implementing key reform policies that provide equity for students, and (4) advancing principles of social justice leadership to create equitable outcomes for all students.”

What? None of this babble will help minority kids succeed later in life. The education gap is in the area of reading, science, technology, engineering and math.

In short, Cardona is committed to achieving “equity,” a term used to imply redistribution rather than equal opportunity, and views the mode with which to improve academic odds for specific racial groups is by indoctrinating educators and politicians with the merits of social justice theory.

There it is.

There is no doubt that this radical approach to public education, an institution that has already been subject to decades of ideological brainwashing, will rein supreme in a Biden presidency.

Cardona laments that education reform has been held back due to the educational leaders involved having diffuse political will that was not sharply focussed on addressing educational inequities.

Notice how he dances all around the elephant in the room. It’s the role that parents play in the success of a student in school. If the parents don’t care, the kids won’t care. Most black students enter their school years not in a state of readiness to learn. They haven’t been sufficiently read to as children nor is reading stressed in the home. The real disparity between black kids and their white counterparts is in the area of parental neglect. But for the education establishment, that is too hard to admit that it’s cultural dysfunction in nature so they make believe the elephant isn’t really there.

In other words, those involved with policy surrounding education aren’t nearly woke enough.

He defines political will as “the determination of an individual or organization to challenge inequities through advocacy and activism aimed at changing the political and organizational structures that exist.”

“He will undoubtedly not face a dearth of political will in the new administration,” The PM notes.

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