Biden’s Far-Left FCC Nominee Pushing For Ban on Conservative News

The FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, is one of those many agencies in the swampy bureaucracy that enables unelected bureaucrats to exert immense power over our daily lives.

It is meant to regulate those communications that occur via radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable, and maintains jurisdiction over other ways people communicate, such as broadband access. The FCC also deals with regulatory issues such as fair competition in the communications space, radio frequency use, and media responsibility.

Now, think about how frequently you interact with the areas the FCC maintains dominion over. From broadband to radio, cable to satellite, the FCC is one of the agencies that have a deep, deep impact on your life.

As such, it would make sense to put a reasonable person there. One that makes sure the communications infrastructure works smoothly, but doesn’t get involved in political issues, as a politicization of the airwaves and partisan attack on broadband would certainly have a major impact on free speech and the first amendment.

Unfortunately, that’s the exact opposite of what Brandon is doing. He, in all his infinite wisdom, appointed a veritable witch named Gigi Sohn, a leftist hack that has called to ban conservative media in the past. She has labeled Fox News as “state propaganda”, and even went so far as to retweet a tweet that claimed Trump is a “white supremacist” who would “rather kill everybody than stop killing black people”.

She’s the one that Biden wants to administer our communications infrastructure. I’m sure the witch that called for conservative media to be banned will be fair!

Yet, worse than her appointment is the fact that so far she’s been almost entirely unrepentant, apologizing for the “tone” of her past claims and calls for action, but not necessarily walking back the claims themselves. Watch:

In the video, you can see and hear Republican lawmakers like Sen. Roy Blunt and Sen. Sullivan question her over her past comments, demanding she answer for such obviously partisan statements as claiming that Fox is “state propaganda”.

Sohn replied, pretending to move away from her comments, but didn’t really. First, she defended the Fox comments as being in the context of discussion about whether Big Tech companies should be “responsible for disinformation”, as if threatening Facebook for running a Fox story the regime dislikes is any better.

Sohn said her comments about Fox came in the context of a discussion about “big tech and whether they should be responsible for disinformation,” and, when that didn’t seem to work, moved on to saying that she made the comment “as a public advocate and a private citizen and has no bearing on any proceeding that Fox would be involved in.”

However, it does have a bearing on proceedings, as she’s the one who be involved in regulating Fox. But still, she repeated the lie again while pretending to apologize, saying, “The larger point is, the tweets were said in my personal capacity. I kinda wish my tone was a little less sharp. In fact, I don’t kinda wish, I do wish. And it would have no bearing on any proceeding that would come before me at the FCC.

Sohn would be highly dangerous in the FCC; she’s an obvious partisan and radical that, it appears, wouldn’t hesitate to use her power to suppress conservative media, especially Fox. In other words, the left’s war on free speech continues unabated.

This story syndicated with permission from The Liberty Leader

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