Biden’s New Press Secretary Refuses to Condemn Antifa…Again

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

During the presidential debates last year, then-candidate Joe Biden declared that Antifa was just “an idea.”

Ideas, as it happens, are usually what people who commit acts of domestic terrorism are driven by, of course, it doesn’t make it any less domestic terrorism.

And “domestic terrorist” is exactly what President Donald Trump always called Antifa, which is a bit more specific.

Now-President Joe Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has signaled that the administration will be continuing this delicate approach to talking about the black-clad domestic terrorists who made it perfectly clear on Inauguration Day aren’t going anywhere.

For the second time, she avoided condemning Antifa and refused to classify them as, well, domestic terrorists.

Psaki was asked during a press briefing this week about the riots in Portland this month and whether those perpetrators were being viewed in the same lens by the White House as the January 6th rioters.

“The riots is Portland, [Ore.], and the violence in Portland recently, there was some discussion earlier about the January 6 rioters being reviewed by the DNI [Director of National Intelligence] as domestic, violent extremists. Are the rioters in Portland also being viewed through the same lens or is that something different as the White House sees it?” a reporter asked.

“I think you and I talked about this yesterday and conveyed that all violence happening around the country will be reviewed as a part of the tasking that was done by that national security team, but I don’t have anything to preview on it,” Psaki replied.

What? That dodging the question is worthy of a gold medal.

A few days prior, The Post Millennial notes, Psaki was asked about the Antifa rioters who had attacked Oregon’s Democratic Party headquarters in response to the inauguration.

“Well certainly we had our team on the ground,” Psaki said. “Our national security team, even before 12:01, early in the morning on Inauguration Day because we wanted to be able to monitor events happening across the country and any unrest that was resulting from the last couple of weeks.

“I haven’t spoke with him specifically about those events but it is something our national security team, Liz Sherwood-Randall, is closely monitoring of course, but if we have an additional update I’m happy to provide it to you.”

You can see why she’s been named press sec—she’s very good at saying a whole lot without saying anything at all.

There is one, simple reason that the Democrats consistently refuse to condemn Antifa while Republicans didn’t hesitate a moment condemning those who breached the Capitol Building on January 6th.

Antifa’s ideology is only slightly more radical than that of the current Democratic Party platform. The other problem for Democrats is that Antifa has demonstrated a propensity to turn on them which they did by attacking the Democrat Party office in Portland.

How much of their own platform would they unwittingly undermine if they were firm that Antifa were criminals and not, in fact, romantic freedom fighters?

From the press to the debate stage to virtue-signaling tweets amid the George Floyd riots, the Democrats have long downplayed the radical group, along with Black Lives Matter, of course, because they’re trying to normalize the same radical policies.

It’s the right they need to paint as the militant fascists, which is why we’ll be hearing about January 6th for a very long time while the White House press secretary won’t even condemn the ongoing rioting in the Pacific Northwest.

Nor should we expect her to anytime soon.

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