Black History Month: Time to Put The Past Behind Us?

Throughout the ages, black people have accounted for countless remarkable cultural and social accomplishments, and there’s no denying that the black community has faced widespread hardship and persecution throughout the history of the Western world – but isn’t it high time we moved forward as a united people and scrapped divisive ‘demographic celebrations’?

It seems every month of the year has now been assigned a supposedly oppressed demographic group to represent.

We have Women’s History Month in March, Hispanic Heritage Month in September, and Gay Pride Month in June to name a handful.

February happens to be Black History Month, which according to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History is not just about the appreciation of black people throughout history, but stands for “something bigger—in our case, the important role of Black History in pursuit of racial justice and equality”.

It is these underlying agendas attached to these highly divisive gimmicks which I find so disturbing, particularly if we acknowledge that everyone in the United States (and indeed across all of the modern West) is equal by law, and discrimination of any kind is punishable by law.

That’s not to suggest that no discrimination ever occurs in society. Indeed, most human beings on the planet are discriminated against at some point in their lives, whether that’s for being too fat, too thin, a vegan, a carnivore, too clever, or too stupid. Considering this nation only very recently elected a black President and is currently governed by an Indian/Jamaican Vice President, it’s surely high time we accepted that our equality is real and declare the battle over.

There seems to be an ever-increasing hunger by the hard-left for strengthened division and continual segregation where before there was none.

Events, speeches, and meetings will take place across America this month under the guise of promoting ‘diversity’, but will actually only harvest resentment and tension.

During Black History Month in 2020, a video went viral which showed a black student at the University of Virginia asking white students to leave the campus diversity center:

“Frankly there’s just too many white people in here”, she says.

This is a space for people of color, so just be really cognizant of the space you’re taking up because it does make some of us uncomfortable when we see so many white people in here”.

Rather than a benign celebration of American diversity and black culture, events like Black History Month seem to be part of a wider, continued campaign to ‘punish’ white America for the atrocities which occurred historically.

No one can deny or should minimize the immense suffering, persecution, and abuse that black people endured during the slave trading era and beyond, but this is true of almost every demographic group in existence; from the Jewish race during the Holocaust to (predominantly) white, male Christian slaves who fought to the death in the Colosseum in ancient Rome. It was only in very recent history that women were given voting rights.

We have two choices; we can either continue to harvest resentment of the past and encourage eternal division and segregation, or we can celebrate human achievement and progress as a united people under one flag.

Black History Month should be consigned to the history books.

This story syndicated with permission from For the Love of News

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