Black Lives Co-Founder Fundraising for Pro-Communist Chinese Party Org

Progressives love to act like it’s just a myth that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization, but they’ve told us themselves that this is the case.

Now, they’re openly fundraising for a Chinese group that is quite openly pro-Chinese Communist Party.

No one among these radical groups is pretending they’re moderate. So it’s either willfully ignorant or downright sinister to try to fool the American people into thinking that they are.

What is it, mainstream leftists?

The Daily Signal reports that if you go to the website for Black Futures Lab, a venture of Alicia Garza, one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, it reveals that “Black Futures Lab is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association.”

*Record scratch.*

Yes, this is as highly suspicious as it sounds.

As The Signal’s Mike Gonzalez explains:

Imagine that far-right demonstrators were laying siege to American cities for months, led by activists explicitly calling for an “ethno-state,” and that one of their groups was funded by an outfit involved with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. It would lead the news every day and there would be congressional hearings, right?

And rightly so. The threat of foreign interference in our domestic affairs is a serious matter, whether the suspects are rivals such as Russia or friendlies such as Mexico. This is especially the case if a foreign power were abetting unrest that aims to topple our constitutional order.

The Chinese Progressive Association was founded in San Francisco in 1972 and has a very active chapter in Boston today.

They have always, Gonzalez explains, been a promoter of the People’s Republic of China. You know, the communist world superpower that brutally subjugates its own people and is openly trying to take over the world. That China.

Garza is fundraising for a group that is openly supportive of these interests.

It’s cliche to say this about anything having to do with the radical left at this point, but I can’t help it: let this sink in. 

Gonzalez explains further:

According to an authoritative 2009 Stanford University paper tracing its early days to the present, and which can be found on, “The CPA began as a Leftist, pro-People’s Republic of China organization, promoting awareness of mainland China’s revolutionary thought and workers’ rights, and dedicated to self-determination, community control, and ‘serving the people.’”

The CPA, continued the paper, “worked with other pro-PRC groups within the U.S. and San Francisco Bay Area … Support for the PRC was based on the inspiration the members drew from what they saw as a successful grassroots model that presented a viable alternative to Western capitalism.”

One of the ways it did this was by holding “film screenings that were open to the public, sometimes showing Chinese films as well to facilitate understanding of the country’s revolutionary ideas. … CPA also took the lead with groups such as the U.S.-China People’s Friendship Organization to celebrate China’s National Day on Oct. 1.”

To this day, the CPA continues to be a partner of the PRC in the United States. Three years ago, the Boston chapter teamed up with China’s Consulate General in New York to offer Chinese nationals the opportunity to renew their passports, getting praise from China’s official mouthpiece, China Daily.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, China Daily praised the CPA for taking part in a Black Lives Matter protest in San Francisco.

Does anyone out there honestly believe the CCP is just oozing with compassion for the struggle of American blacks? Or do our communist global enemies recognize a destabilizing, Marxist movement within our midst when they see one?

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