Black Lives Matter Demands Joe Biden Back “Roadmap to Abolition” of Police, Prisons

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

Let me just make something very clear.

There is a very, very big difference between saving millions of human beings, made in the image of God, from literal slavery, and holding Americans accountable for violating the law.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but being the descendant of someone who was subject to a horrifically racist system does not automatically make someone innocent of any crimes they may have committed.

Talking about the disproportionate number of black Americans who are involved in the criminal justice system without considering their disproportionate rates of involvement in committing violent crime dismisses the truth about race and crime. It also displays the insensitivity that crime victimization disproportionately affects black people. Black neighborhoods have become killing fields. Blood is flowing in the streets and we hear nothing but deafening silence about this self-inflicted pathology.

But our nation’s past history of systemic racism, which has been officially abolished for decades, does not in any way make it remotely logical to stop policing and stop locking criminals up no matter how outrageous claims we get from progressives that the system is still racist.

Are we on the same page now?


Because millions of Americans aren’t, and just voted a dude into a White House (legitimately or otherwise, he still got a lot of votes) who is like putty in the hands of the radical racialists who are literally calling for police and prisons to be abolished like slavery was.

Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, is putting pressure on the Democrat Party to support the “roadmap for prison abolition” contained in the BREATH Act in the form of a letter to presumed-President-elect Biden.

In an op-ed for Teen Vogue (where all serious, substantial policy discussions take place, naturally), Cullors said she sees the BREATHE Act as having the potential to dramatically transform our nation’s criminal justice system. She really means eliminate it,  not transform it.

“Practically speaking, the BREATHE Act is a landmark civil rights bill,” Cullors declared of a bill that threatens the most basic natural rights of millions of Americans. “It takes bold, progressive steps to build public safety systems that work for all of us, no matter what community we come from.”

Get the body bags ready if this is ever enacted.

The Post-Millennial explains that the bill calls for the defunding and reallocating of police department resources, something which would undoubtedly make it very difficult for the government to protect the constitutional life and property rights of its citizens since we’re guessing it doesn’t contain any provisions for arming law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.

It also proposes investing in alternatives to policing for safeguarding communities which, based on what we’ve seen so far, probably has more to do with sending social workers to respond to 911 calls than it does with training Americans to keep their communities safe by practicing their Second Amendment rights.

Oh, and the bill calls for reparations, because of course. It’s completely constitutional to force Americans who have never owned slaves to pay for handouts to people who have never been slaves.

“We want the next Presidential administration to prioritize the passing of this powerful modern-day civil rights legislation,” Cullors said. “We built the roadmap to take us away from harm and towards health and healing—now, we hope they follow it.”

Civil rights legislation? When did crime victimization become a right that anyone is entitled to? These people are sociopaths.

Don’t expect the radical faction to be quiet about this, either. This is only the beginning.

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