BLM Activist Running for Edmonton City Council Gleefully Supported Death of Slain Police Officer

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

I think if anything, social media has revealed the depths of human idiocy to a degree not previously seen.

Think about it: we used to be able to say the quiet part out loud and maybe five, ten people in our immediate vicinity would hear us.

There was time to collect one’s thoughts, gauge reaction to our words, and then reconsider our language before going on to make the same comments to another group of people.

Now, the kind of people who speak without thinking get to see every one of their idol words immortalized forever as the internet is, in fact, forever.

So maybe if you’re running for city council of a major Canadian City, think twice before you say the quiet part out loud on social media because that’s not going anywhere.

An Edmonton, Canada Black Lives Matter activist who is running for city council in October’s election celebrated the death of a slain police sergeant with several laughing emojis and an apparent justification for the officer’s murder.

Sgt. Andre Harnett was killed in the line of duty after being run over at a traffic stop.

In direct response to a Twitter user arguing that Harnett’s life mattered and was valued and loved by his family, one Abdulhakim Dalel responded by saying “Cuz he was a corrupted Police Officer.”

He finished off his already beautifully articulate tweet with several gleeful laughing emojis so regardless of what he was trying to say, it’s clear Harnett’s death is something he most certainly does not consider to be tragic.

Dalel was slammed both on Twitter and Facebook, the Post Millennial notes, where he demonstrated the full breadth of his critical thinking skills by brushing one user off as “mixed with Caucasian” (this is what’s called a genetic fallacy but since Dalel adheres to critical race theory, which enshrines genetic fallacies into an entire ideology, it’s unlikely this would bother him).

The PM notes of his background:

Dalel has been quoted by multiple news outlets over the years to talk about issues pertaining to racism, including in the Toronto Star and BlogTO.

Dalel is now running for Edmonton City Council for Ward 7. He also ran for the NDP’s nomination in the provincial riding of Edmonton Griesbach in 2019, but lost to Mark Cherrington, who subsequently lost to incumbent conservative MLA Kerry Diotte.

The candidate has a history of inflammatory statements, including describing Albertans as a whole as “ignorant and racist.”

Well, doesn’t he just sound delightful? He has been given license however to act stupidly by left-wing apologists in Big Media.


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