Bomb Dropped by Former Disney Employee About the Horrifying Truth of Disney Cruises and Their Staff

Dawn Taplin was a security officer and 17-year veteran of the police force who worked on one of Disney’s cruise ships. But, for her, the cruises weren’t as wonderful as the commercials make them look; rather, there were instances of child molestation that, when she reported them to higher-ups, didn’t promptly make their way to the proper authorities, as Click Orlando reported, saying:

When Dawn Taplin saw news reports of police arresting Disney Cruise Line cabin steward Ahmed Sofyan two weeks ago on suspicion of molesting a 13-year-old girl on board the ship, she gasped.

“I just happened to blurt out, ‘Wow, they did the right thing’,” said Taplin, a former Disney Cruise Line security officer. She was pleased the company immediately reported Sofyan’s alleged behavior to U.S. authorities, something that did not occur when she investigated a similar child molestation case on the same ship two years earlier.

According to Dawn, who what happened on a cruise she worked on in 2012 was that a young firl was molested by a Disney employee in a horrific way. Dawn, describing what she witnessed on a security camera, said:

It’s not the first time I’ve cried on cases.  But she’s literally trying to get away from him.  You see her kicking her legs, trying to pull away from him.

What’s worse is that the horrific crime took place while the ship was still docked at Port Canaveral, with hours to go before it sailed away, hours during which the police could have been called and showed up to deal with the shocking incident.

But, according to her, that’s not what happened; after she reported it and offered to call it in to her former coworkers in the local police force, she was told by a higher ranking Disney employee not to do so. In her words:

I was ordered not to make any phone calls, do anything at all. Nothing. Period.

If a crime is committed while you’re hooked up anywhere here, it is an American, it is a United States, it is a Florida crime. Period. And I was ordered not to be making any phone calls to anybody.”

But she wasn’t allowed to call it in, so the ship left port with both the victim and pedo still on board and Disney only called in the crime after the ship was out of US waters, at which point no US entity wanted to deal with the matter. Describing why that happened, Dawn then said:

“In my professional and personal opinion, I think they wanted to get outside the United States limits and get him off the ship in the Bahamas and just leave it alone.”

That’s horrific, another instance of malfeasance by a company that’s proven shockingly open to ideas and activities that shock the conscience of conservatives and many parents and that has been caught up in numerous pedophilia-related crimes as of late. Looks like Mickey Mouse isn’t safe for kids anymore.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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