Border Patrol Agent Says DHS ‘Knew’ The Surge Of Migrants Was Coming

Brandon Judd, a Border Patrol agent and the current president of the National Border Patrol Council recently sat down with Newsmax where he stated that the Department of Homeland Security knew that a surge of illegal immigrants was on their way to the southern border back in June, but did absolutely nothing to prepare for it.

”DHS knew this was coming,” Judd stated during his interview Monday on ”Greg Kelly Reports.” ”They were warned back on June 17 that this was going to become an issue, they were warned that they needed to build a temporary outdoor processing site, similar to what we have in McAllen, Texas, and had they done that, we wouldn’t be dealing with this situation right now.”

via Newsmax:

More than 12,000 immigrants, most of them Haitians, are living in makeshift camps under the Del Rio International Bridge following days of openly crossing the river between the U.S. and Mexico illegally.

”DHS has been packed with very open border liberals that are political appointees, we can expect that they’re going to have open border policies, and that’s what we’re seeing today, and that’s the problem that we’re dealing with,” Judd went on to say. ”This is not an enforcement group that is at DHS right now, and if you don’t have an enforcement group, you’re going to have scenes like what we’re seeing today.”

News organization drones and aircraft show video of the encampment, as migrants there try to make the best of it in temperatures topping 100 degrees by sleeping in makeshift tents or sleeping on the dirt.

DHS announced Sept. 18 that it was sending 400 officers to the location to help maintain control, which were joined by more than 1,000 Texas Department of Public Safety officers.

In addition, DHS said it is flying 2,000 to 3,000 migrants a day from the area to other processing centers in the United States, as well as providing those still under the bridge with water, towels, medical attention and portable toilets.

”What’s currently driven this crisis on the border today is over 200,000 apprehensions last month, the month before over 200,000 apprehensions. These are the most apprehensions I have ever seen in my career,” the Border Patrol agent said.

”And the reason is because this administration brought back what is known as the catch and release magnet that draws so many people across our borders illegally when [DHS] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas says that the borders aren’t open, he’s completely and totally misleading the American public,” he continued.

Judd then stated that the policies put forward by President Joe Biden are responsible for all the mess unfolding at the southern border, noting that former President Donald Trump left him a border situation that was completely under control.

The president ”is the cause of this problem,” Judd went on to explain. ”There were policies that were working, and those policies were very sound policies for the safety and protection of the American public. He completely and totally got rid of those policies. He dismantled everything that we were doing prior to him taking office.”

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