British Universities Now Under Investigation For Allegedly Handing Over Military Tech To China

A new report published by the Postmillennial has revealed that over a dozen British universities and almost 200 academics are now under investigation in the United Kingdom for allegedly handing over military technology to China, which has aided them in developing weapons of mass destruction.

Because that’s not terrifying or anything, now is it? Yikes.

Due to concerns over national security the names of the universities and the academics being investigated have not been released to the public.

I get tired of that lame excuse. The national security has already been breached by the universities.

Both the schools and the academics involved in the situation are currently under suspicion of giving the Chinese Communist Party, which runs the government of China, military tech and research concerning aircraft and missile design, along with stuff that would help them develop cyberweapons. Basically, they’ve helped provide China with all the means necessary to pose a severe risk to all the nations of the world.

The report says that those involved did this “unwittingly,” because they actually provided this information and technology to Chinese companies and not the government. However, the problem here is that the Chinese government has a very high degree of intervention in their economy and there’s not much of a distinction between a private company and one that is controlled by the government.

The academics involved in this incident could end up facing charges of providing sensitive intellectual property to a hostile power. Those who are found guilty on this charge could spend up to a decade in prison.

“Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat criticized the universities for their actions, stating that ‘some in Britain’s universities have lost their moral bearings and are not promoting academic freedom, but undermining our strategic interests,'” the PM report says.

”British taxpayers are paying for research that might unintentionally help China’s military soon attain a potentially dominant position,’ said Radomir Tylecote, who authored an independent study into the relationship between British universities and China,” the report continues.

The study conducted by Tylecote was done with an organization known as Civitas and accuses 14 universities in the United Kingdom of being in collaboration with the Chinese government in developing missile, radar jamming, and stealth tech.

“Cambridge University, one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, was mentioned in the report as having collaborated with the National University of Defense Technology in China, an institution which is sanctioned by the American government,” the PM report reveals.

Along with Cambridge, the study also identifies Manchester University, Queen Mary University of London, and Southampton University.

The Chinese government has heaped praise on British universities for being so willing to work with various Chinese firms, saying that it will “greatly raise the nation’s power in the fields of national defence, communications and… high precision navigation.”

The British Foreign Office is currently working on a new vetting system for academics to hinder Chinese spying efforts in the future.

It won’t matter. China will just come up with new ways to spy. Why does it seem that the CCP is better at spying? When is the last time some country was able to breach China’s technology secrets?

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