Brutal Assault Attempt Has Heroic Outcome

Even Governor DeSantis’ Florida, it would appear, isn’t safe from the crime wave that has stalked across America like a vicious, hungry wolf in recent months as the soft on crime leftists in the government and media cheer criminals while denigrating police.

That became apparent in the below video, which shows the astounding, brazen attempted rape of a woman in the middle of a Walmart in Miami. Fortunately, Florida isn’t New York and onlookers rushed to the assaulted woman’s rescue, bashing her attacker and saving her from the attempted sexual assault.  Watch here:

Cell phone video captures the moment a man attempted to rape a woman at Walmart on NW 79th Street.

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Luckily, Osvaldo C. was able to step in to stop and help this woman out🙏 | #ONLYinDADE

So, while the rapist evidently was either crazy or stupid enough to think that he could get away with it, the Florida residents taught him a lesson in civics and beat him to a pulp for assaulting the helpless woman.

After the incident, Bredan Harvey, the 28 year old attacker, was taken into custody by the police and faces a charge of attempted sexual battery.

Police, commenting on what happened, said that Harvey approached the woman from behind, lifted her dress up, and then grabbed her by the private parts while pushing her to the floor of the Walmart and ripping off her underwear.

Fortunately, it was at that point, before things went any farther, that the other Walmart customers were able to rush to her rescue and beat up Harvey, stopping the assault.

Miami-Dade Police Det. Alvaro Zabaleta indicated that there could be more victims when speaking on the issue, saying:

“It wasn’t somewhere isolated. He didn’t care it was in the wide open. Because he was so brazen, investigators feel perhaps he may have done this before, and there may be more victims.”

Thankfully for the woman, Florida is a red state now where those who rush to stop crimes aren’t treated as criminals by the police or sued by the criminals themselves for rushing to the rescue of the victims of violent crimes.

Were this to have occurred in New York or California, where criminals are given far more deference than law-abiding citizens by those in the government more focused on mercy than justice, it’s not hard to imagine onlookers avoiding trouble and just walking to a different aisle while the assault occurred.

Further, because the crime occurred in Florida rather than New York or California, the criminal was held by the police on bond rather than turned back out on the streets to start preying on citizens immediately.

While those factors are great, what’s disgusting and sickening is that things have gotten so bad that thugs like Harvey feel empowered to act on their sick impulses and assault people in broad daylight. Such is not typically what happens in a thriving civilization, but rather a failing and declining one.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative

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