Bunch of Antifa Punks Show Up Guns Blazin’ to “Defend” Drag Show for Kids

Things continue to spin out of control in American culture, with things getting crazier and crazier bit by bit as even people who are normal and politicians that we should be able to trust sit on their hands and watch as the left pushes things ever farther over the line.

Such was recently shown in Texas when not only was there a drag show for kids, but heavily armed and mask-clad Antifa goons showed up… Not to defend the kids and keep them from the clutches of whatever perverts want to do drag with kids, mind you, but to “defend” the even from those who were full of righteous indignation about the “groomer”-type event.

Images of that shocking display of armed force in defense of groomers came from Blaze TV producer Kris Cruz, who shared pictures of the Antifa goons kitted out and “defending” the drag even and said:

Armed #Antifa showed up in Roanoke, TX to protect the “kid friendly” drag show at this bar. Armed #Antifa escorted attendees to the vehicles. I counted about 9 AR-15s. @CityofRoanokeTX 
@SaraGonzalesTX @TaylerUSA @WatchChad @theblaze @BlazeTV

You can watch them here:

Beyond the display just being shocking generally, what with the Antifa goons hanging around while wearing full tactical gear and rifles, there were two particularly surprising and even more disturbing and depressing things that followed the event.

One was that it happened in Texas. Governor Abbott is supposed to be a conservative, a guy who will stand up for the values of those who don’t want groomers preying on kids while protected by armed goons. Is not empowering groomers to act in the most creepy way possible and just so barely toe the line of what they can do with kids really too much to ask from Abbott?

The other bit that was distressing was how many so-called conservatives, along with a healthy dose of libertarians, just went along with the whole thing and thought it was great that Antifa goons with guns were protecting groomers, commenting on how proud they were to see that the Antifa commies were carrying.

Those lolbertarian idiots were promptly slammed by one of Twitter’s best personalities, Scott Greer, who said, when commenting on a pro-armed Antifa post on Reddit:

Sad to say, but the gun rights community’s main goal now seems to be encouraging their enemies to arm up. It’s what happens when you base your identity on nothing more than an inanimate object–not culture or heritage.

Greer also said:

Too many libertarian gun owners are no different than funko pop collectors. Both dedicated to collecting expensive consumer items they will never use to make up for the lack of a real identity. Just call em gun-ko pop collectors

One of the accounts Greer was in a spat with, Firearms Policy Coalition, an account which had defended pedos by saying “read the Constitution again” when one Tweeter commented “pedophiles don’t get human rights” later tried to backtrack but was hit hard with memes, with the one below being one of the best:

We shouldn’t want pedos and groomers, or those who side with them, armed. So much seems like it should be obvious, but apparently many “conservatives” would love to see armed pedos roaming the street and Governor Abbott would just let them.

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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