California Is Setting Records for COVID-19 Cases Despite Strict Lockdowns—Clearly, This Isn’t Working  

In the end of December, California saw a surge in COVID-19 cases despite being subject to some of the strictest lockdown measures of any state in the nation which has outraged some residents to the point of launching a growing effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

On Christmas Eve, the state became the first to record 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases amid a strict stay-at-home order for nearly the entire state.

The Epoch Times reported that, as of December 24th, there had been 39,144 newly recorded cases in the state which pushed the total number of cases to 2 million.

As of New Years Day, that had surpassed 2.3 million.

By the way—this still just breaks down to a death rate of roughly .01% if we’re going to get technical. And yet, residents of the Golden State are seeing the full weight of their state’s leftist statist ideology in action.

In Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the nation, has seen a particularly high number of cases at over 771k and over 10,000 deaths as of January 1st.

The full capacity of the state’s medical system is being tested as hospitals have been forced to treat patients in tents, offices, and auditoriums.

Just imagine what will happen to this system if and when Joe Biden gets sworn into office and instantly reverses any ground that has been gained in the effort to secure the flood of crime and trafficking across our Southern border?

Illegal aliens are bound to go flooding right into Los Angeles County and beyond and, as has long been the practice, dragging diseases with them and filling up the ICU facilities that we’re so urgently told by these very same pro-illegal immigration state officials are already under severe strain by this apparently grievously deadly virus.

This is sheer insanity.

To add to the absurdity, officials have also insisted that the recent surge is due entirely to those Californians who have refused to comply with the state’s stringent mandates, of course. The people, they declare, are just not submissive enough to Dear Leader’s standards to Stop the Spread®!

And to touch again on the issue of immigration, have we somehow ensured that the illegal trafficking of migrants across the border is being conducted in a fully-COVID compliant way? Seriously—does anyone actually think this?

Of course, that cases are rising due to a lack of compliance to public health mandates certainly doesn’t explain why residents of free states aren’t racking up the kind of case rates that California has seen.

Imagine that—millions of people are simply going about their business, worshipping God together, and keeping small businesses open and patronized without severe mandates and seem to be in much better shape than the Golden State.

Why are Florida and Texas faring relatively well as they’ve allowed business to continue and residents to enjoy their God-given freedom (for the most part)?

I think it’s safe to say the real pandemic in California is cognitive dissonance.

These tyrannical officials have completely destroyed the economy of one of the most prosperous localities in the world and, in so doing, have done absolutely nothing to stop the spread of the virus they claim to be so hellbent on preventing from ever again claiming a human victim. Wish they felt that way about abortion.

They have absolutely no interest in preventing the spread of the virus or of loosening restrictions anytime soon—Newsom has been sternly warning he expects cases to continue to rise and that all residents can do to prevent mass death is to get in line and do what they’re told.

Californians are dying—but liberty and economic stability are already long buried.



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