Casey DeSantis Takes The Spotlight With This Epic Political Ad for Husband

Ron DeSantis is a household name. He is the governor who stood up to Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Medicine, and Big Government during the wildly tyrannical and decidedly unscientific pandemic response from the so-called experts. His vision for freedom transformed the once-purple state of Florida to a markedly deep red one.

Ron DeSantis’ strengths as a leader are undisputable. However, beside him is an equally powerful and charismatic woman, the mother of his three children and wife Casey.

Casey DeSantis quietly battled cancer for over a year, and during that time her husband still ably commanded Florida through unprecedented turmoil. She is a fighter in her own right.

Now, she is releasing what some people are calling the best ad of the year. We all know what Ron is doing as governor, but now we get to see what Ron does as a husband, father, and human being. It is hard not to feel touched and moved by this authentic, sincere, and personal ad. Take a look below as Casey DeSantis knocks this ad out of the park:

I get asked all the time: Who is Ron DeSantis?

Well he’s the kid who grew up right here in Florida, working his tail off, paying his own way through school, then volunteering to serve in the Navy and deploying to Iraq.

He’s the man who I fell in love with from the moment we met.

And he’s the dad of three of three very rambunctious, energetic children; Mamie our two-year-old little comedian, Madison our beautiful sweet five year old, and Mason our four-year-old athlete.

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But if you want to know who Ron DeSantis really is, when I was diagnosed with cancer, and I was facing the battle for my life, he was the dad who took care of my children when I couldn’t.

He was there to pick me off of the ground when I literally could not stand. He was there to fight for me when I didn’t have the strength to fight for myself.

That is who Ron DeSantis is.

This has comes on the heels of a recent Mason-Dixon poll that shows Governor DeSantis, who squeaked by in the 2018 content against far-left drug-user Andrew Gillum by the thinnest of margins, building a double-digit lead against the vile Charlie Crist. CBS wrote last week:

As the days count down to the November general election, a new poll shows Republican incumbent Ron DeSantis has opened an 11-point lead over Democratic challenger Charlie Crist in the Florida governor’s race.

Statewide, DeSantis has the support of 52 percent of likely voters, while 41 percent back Crist, according to a Mason-Dixon poll conducted September 26 through September 28. It involved 800 registered voters who all indicated they are likely to vote in the election.

Of note is that this poll was conducted prior to DeSantis’ amazingly swift and prepared response to the devastating Hurricane Ian. As of this writing, more than 99% of homes have had their power restored already and clean up is well underway.

No doubt, between the existing lead, DeSantis’ hurricane measures (praised reluctantly even by Joe Biden himself), and this strong appeal to the emotions of voters by Casey, Ron DeSantis is surely on his way to a massive victory in the gubernatorial election next month.

Next up: Make America Florida

Featured image: Screen shot, Twitter

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative

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