Chad Wolf Rips VP Harris; Says She Has No Excuse For Avoiding Trip To The Border

Vice President Kamala Harris, according to former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, is attempting to dodge the reality that she has been put in charge of the border crisis by avoiding a trip to the border area so she doesn’t have to witness what is happening firsthand.

“It’s well past the time, and there’s absolutely no reason that she shouldn’t be there,” Wolf said during an appearance on Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.

via Newsmax:

It shows a lack of leadership allowing law enforcement to be “overwhelmed,” Wolf told host Carl Higbie, including public services in Texas having to take in thousands of migrant school-age children being trafficked into the U.S. to help their adult guardians obtain an excuse to stay.

“Absolutely, she should be at the border; she should have made multiple visits to the border by now, because at the end of the day that’s leadership,” Wolf went on to say.

“She also needs to visit the border to understand what are the challenges there. What are the law enforcement officials there experiencing? What are the migrants experiencing? She should be able to talk to migrants that are coming across that border,” he added.

“Are they coming here because they are really fleeing violence, or are they coming here for economic reasons? It’s really important to understand why people are making that journey,” Wolf continued.

Wolf noted the Biden administration’s “messaging” is poor, but added “migrants don’t listen to government officials,” they merely watch the results of those trekking to the border before them.

“Are they in the U.S., or are they back home?” Wolf said, discussing how a successful trip will just inspire more to make the treacherous journey– regardless if VP Harris has not flipped to say ‘do not come,’ the former acting DHS Secretary said.

No migrant is listening to Harris, but the Biden administration is actively “choosing not to enforce border security laws and immigration enforcement laws,” Wolf continued

“The policies and the action on the ground don’t match the messaging coming out of the vice president’s mouth at the moment,” he went on to say.

GOP Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is one individual among many along the border that have stated that since the federal government is refusing to take proper action to help solve this problem, they’re going to take things into their own hands.

“In the absence of leadership and the absence of the federal government actually trying to secure our border, you’re going to continue to see states and other communities bear the cost and bear the brunt of it,” Wolf said.



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