Chad Wolf Says Corners Being Cut In Afghan Refugee Processing Will Allow Criminals To Fall Through Cracks

According to former acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf recently told Newsmax that the rushed processing of Afghan refugees will require that certain corners be cut and that will inevitably allow folks who have criminal records to fall through the cracks.

“The vetting, the screening, usually takes months or even years to accomplish,” for Special Immigration Visa (SIV) applicants who have aided U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Wolf went on to say Tuesday during an interview on “Eric Bolling: The Balance.” The Biden administration has increased the speed for those as well as screenings for other vulnerable Afghans, he then said.

“They can’t do that reliably in such a small time frame, so instead they’re paroling people in and doing some of those security checks on the back end, and that’s where I have concerns,” said the former DHS secretary, who served in this position under the Trump administration. “I think anytime you see this many or this number of individuals being processed so quickly, there are bound to be corners that are cut.”

The time frame for processing SIVs is usually somewhere between 18 to 24 months, Wolf stated, and almost 80 percent of them are turned down, which means that most of the individuals who are being brought in will be soon seeking asylum.

Wolf then added that “it only takes or two or three bad individuals” to get through the system to cause a problem. Afghanistan is home to the Taliban and to ISIS-K. Wolf warned that once an Afghan is on a U.S. military base, “legally, we can’t keep them there. They can walk off. And so that’s concerning me that there are some vulnerabilities in the system that the administration’s put together.”



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