Chicago Postal Workers Are Threatening to Stop Delivering Mail to Violent South Side

Week after week, the stats float by in headlines–dozens shot in Chicago every weekend, including fatally, often children among those injured or dead.

While the left pretends to care about the plight of inner-city minorities, their lives are constantly being devalued in Democrat-run cities by negligent policies and cognitive dissonance about the realities of gun control and gun violence.

Chicago is one of the worst examples.

Now, postal workers in the violent city are threatening to forsake mail delivery as they can’t even fulfill their duties without fearing for their lives.

Fox News reports that United States Postal Service mail carriers have issued this warning following the shooting of a 24-year-old employee who was shot in the South Side earlier this month.

The woman was left critically injured after being shot multiple times at 91st Street and Ellis Avenue while delivering mail on September 10. According to police, she had not been the target of the violence and was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting.

According to Chicago’s WSL-TV, she was the second mail carrier injured by gunfire on that delivery route. In March, another mail carrier was caught in the crossfire of a shooting, but survived. The 24-year-old woman remains hospitalized.

There is a $50,000 reward being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the shooting suspect.

On Friday, Chicago postal workers collectively demanded that city officials address this threat to their safety and Mack Julion, the Chicago Chapter of the National Association of Letter Carriers’ president, said carriers should not bring mail to areas they don’t feel safe.

“Any letter carrier who does not feel safe in any one of these communities then they are not to deliver mail and customers have to pick up their mail,” Julion said. “We are not going to have another situation where the letter carrier is shot down.”

Good luck with getting any response. The citizens who live there and have pleaded for more effective public safety for years have not been able to get Mayor Lightfoot or the police Superintendent’s attention.

I’m sorry, if we’re at the point where mail carriers are threatening to stop delivering mail because they don’t feel safe, we have a community that is in crisis.

From where I’m sitting, the police are not the issue in these communities–they weren’t the ones that gunned down two USPS employees in the middle of the day.

What is going to happen to these neighborhoods when the police get defunded and the mail stops being delivered? The Postal Service will be accused of racism for not delivering mail to black residents while dodging bullets.

Does anyone honestly believe that life would improve?

These neighborhoods need more law enforcement, not less. The rights of law-abiding citizens to bear arms is severely restricted while criminals make the Wild West look tame and civil.

Criminals are terrorizing Chicago, while criminals run it.

This is the Democrats’ America that Joe Biden says he will fix even though he did nothing after 8 years as Vice President. And where is former President Obama? He claims Chicago as his adopted hometown. This isn’t progress.

This is the third world.

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