Chinese State Media Says American Ideas Like “Freedom” and “Democracy” No Longer Popular

Chinese state-run media is asserting that “American values” like freedom and democracy are no longer popular and, well, they’re pointing to polls and op-eds published in the West to bolster their case.

They definitely have a point.

You can only hope that those who are ignorantly rejecting the values on which our nation was based, values that have brought liberty and democracy around the world, will get a wakeup call to find the Communist Chinese agree so emphatically with their ideals.

Breitbart reports that the Chinese state-run Global Times points to the U.S. response to the Chinese coronavirus, widespread unrest, and “division and confrontation between political parties” as an indication that our system does not work and that our nation’s “global leadership is declining.”

The outlet is parroting the language of a propaganda campaign from Beijing which seeks to undermine how the U.S. and its allies, such as Canada, Japan, and Australia, because they “handled the epidemic badly.”

Yes, the epidemic that originated in…China, and that they hid the existence of. Alright, let’s be honest. They lied about it.

The editorial declares that Americans have been deceived by the values of “freedom” and “democracy” that no longer “work.”

Some American people have been proud to promote the American values of democracy and freedom to the world. But now, they find this does not work anymore because the world has changed. The so-called American values have deceived American people as well as the world. Now, the US’ values are much too vulnerable, and the country’s global leadership is declining.

At present, the US is unable to resolve its domestic problems including the raging epidemic, racial discrimination, social division and confrontation between political parties. Washington is trying to divert domestic resentment to the outside. This is a sign of the US’ stagnation and its further decline.

The US used to be a model for many countries to follow. It was also a country that many students worldwide yearned for. But now, the most powerful country is fragile and chaotic, constantly disrupting social order. The Trump administration seems to be the biggest factor behind such changes.

The piece concludes by saying, “With globalization worsening various woes in American society, the U.S. will eventually take off its hypocritical moral mask and reveal its true nature. The U.S. does not want to spend a relatively long time to adapt to globalization. It hopes to adopt direct and rampant measures to prevent other countries from making progress and taking the lead.”

In other words, soon the U.S. will be forced to stop pretending like it’s concerned about human rights and just accept the inevitability of Chinese-style authoritarianism.

Well, there are hundreds of millions of Americans who would likely say to this, “over my dead body.” And if they were free to express themselves, which they cannot, so would millions of Chinese people.

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