Christian Walker: If Kindergarteners Can Obey Teachers, Adults Can Obey Police Officers

Isn’t it extraordinary that millions of people unquestionably swallow down the same lie pushed to them by the progressive left and their media apologists every time a black man is shot? Even one who is involved in criminal behavior at the time of his demise gets deified.

The American public has been so brow-beaten and guilt-tripped for decades that they won’t even consider the merits of a case before accepting the conclusion that, yet again, this an event that surely must be a result of “systemic racism.”

It doesn’t matter what the data is, it doesn’t matter what the perp was doing when the officers began firing on him, and it certainly doesn’t matter if he was actually armed or not.

If it can be spun into a supportive case for the premise of this “systemic racism,” they’ll do it.

It’s the same old story with the Jacob Blake case.

As WND explains:

Police shot Jacob Blake in the back after the man apparently ignored their commands, walked toward his vehicle and opened the door.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice revealed Wednesday that Blake told police he had a knife in his possession at the time of the incident, and that investigators recovered a knife on the floorboard of his car.

Before all of the facts were in — and fueled by a video of the shooting but not what led up to it — violent protests broke out in the city, while Democratic politicians and leftist bottom-feeders decried the police shooting of a supposedly innocent black man.


(We’re really just using the word “protests” lightly now, aren’t we?)

It’s not complicated. Yes, there are always going to be bad police officers or even decent officers who make bad calls. Yes, we need to examine these incidents and make sure that anyone who is not upholding their vow to serve and protect honorably is held accountable. No one thinks that cases of abuse of power haven’t happened or can’t happen.

But for there to be a case of an abuse of power, the officer has to have actually been abusing his power, not responding appropriately to a violent, uncooperative suspect who is armed, refuses to obey simple commands, and poses a potential threat to the public.

Christian Walker, son of Heisman Trophy Winner and NFL legend Hershel Walker, who spoke at this week’s Republican National Convention, broke it down quite simply on Twitter Thursday when he explained that if children can obey commands, grown men can too.

“If kindergartners can follow directions from teachers, then grown men can follow directions from police officers. I don’t feel bad, follow the law,” he wrote.

“Jacob Blake was a disgusting career criminal, with a horribly violent past,” he also noted. Blake had been wanted in connection with three crimes at the time of the incident, including an alleged sexual assault.

“Black supremacists are defending him solely because of his skin color,” he added.

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