Civil Rights Attorney Reveals Why LeBron James Won’t Give Black Cop Who Reached Out To Him An Opportunity To Chat

Civil rights lawyer Leo Terrell recently conducted an interview with “Fox & Friends” where he stated that NBA legend LeBron James would never take up the opportunity to sit down with Los Angeles Police Officer Deon Joseph because doing so would “destroy his narrative.”

Terrell lit James up during the interview, saying, “You see, there is a strategy on the left, the extreme left: white officers kill black people. That person who wrote that letter is a black officer.”

“LeBron is not going to sit there because it destroys their narrative and that’s why the law enforcement is racist because white police officers kill black people. This is not 1950. And that black police officer destroys LeBron, the socialists’, the extreme left’s narrative. He’ll never sit down with that guy because of skin color. And that’s how ridiculous it is,” Terrell went on to say.

the Civil Rights attorney then added, “…the Democrats, the far-left, and LeBron has consumed too much Democratic Kool-Aid. They want a race war in the sense that law enforcement is evil, even though law enforcement is the only defense for people of color and for all people. Every civilized society has a law enforcement. But they have this black versus white game that they’re playing and they’re using the George Floyd case.”

“For example, that North Carolina case, we don’t know the facts. Benjamin Crump’s out there calling for an execution. Go to Chicago, black on black crime, no LeBron, no Al Sharpton, no Ben Crump. It’s the race game that they are playing. And if it’s not a white officer and a black, they’re not interested,” Terrell said as he spoke to the Fox News hosts.

According to BizPacReview, Terrell then ended the segment by answering co-host Steve Doocy over the majority of Americans being in favor of law enforcement officers, stating, ““the Democrats want to monopolize the race issue. Last year, Tim Scott tried to put through police reform. No good. Why? He’s a Republican. A black Republican and guess who filibustered it? Cory Booker and our Vice President, Kamala Harris. Both black Democrats.”

“That’s the game they’re playing. I figured it out. That’s why I left the Democratic Party,” he finished.

“Officer Joseph wrote an open letter to James requesting a private meeting to discuss policing after the sports legend sent out a tweet that was slammed as extremely anti-police. James threatened Columbus Officer Nicholas Reardon who shot and killed 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant while she was attempting to stab another girl to death. The tweet read: ‘YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.’ He would later delete the tweet and offer an explanation for it that was not actually an apology,” the BPR report said.

“You basically put a target on the back of a human being who had to make a split-second decision to save a life from a deadly attack.” Joseph went on to call the tweet “irresponsible and disturbing” and “so off base and extreme.”

“Instead of apologizing, you deflected. You said you took your tweet down because you did not want it to be used for hate when the tweet itself was the embodiment of hatred, rooted in a lack of understanding of the danger of the situation,” the officer added.

“The offer is on the table LeBron. No cameras. No fanfare. Just two men who care talking. I know it’s a long shot. But this division and hatred must stop. It’s clear based on rising crime in marginalized communities that cops and the community need to build bridges to save lives on all sides. That cannot be done through the demonization of any group of people,” Joseph concluded.

Yeah. Likelihood of James actually seeking to reconcile and making the world a better place by not being divisive are slim to none.

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