Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis Introduces New Bill Demanding Transparency At The Border

A new piece of legislation was introduced by New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis during an interview she was conducting on Newsmax, which is calling for more transparency concerning who the migrants are that are crossing over the southern border into the United States.

Malliotakis appeared on the “Spicer & Co.” program where she went on to describe her bill in light of how the Biden administration is handling the crisis at the southern border.

“This is about transparency and letting local government and the American people know exactly who is coming and where they come from. And do they have criminal histories? We know that sex offenders have crossed the border, that convicted criminals who have been sent back home have crossed the border and reentered. We know that there’s even been individuals caught on the FBI’s terrorist watch lists who have crossed over the border,” she said.

via Newsmax:

Saying the American people deserve to know who moves in down the street, Malliotakis said that what her bill aims to do that, so “local governments can hold the federal government accountable and also use any legal means possible to stop this influx.”

Malliotakis’ bill, the “Transparency of Migration Act” would require the Department of Health & Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security to publish the following information:

  • The daily number of individuals apprehended by Customs and Border Protection.
  • The individuals’ country of origin.
  • The individuals’ ages and gender.
  • The states to which the individuals’ have been released or sent.
  • And the number and types of criminal convictions the individuals’ have.

Vice President Kamala Harris announced this week that she would finally be visiting the southern border in El Paso, but Malliotakis criticized the action, stating it makes a mockery of the whole situation unfolding down there.

“She’s doing this because she’s caving to the pressure that we in the Republican party have placed on her,” the congresswoman said. “The mockery; it’s been 90 days [since] she’s been appointed to take charge of the border crisis and has done absolutely nothing to address it. I’ve been to Donna, Texas. I’ve been to McAllen, Texas. I’ve been to Mission, Texas. I’ve seen firsthand what our Customs and Border Patrol agents are facing.”

“I’ve seen the migrants crossing over,” Malliotakis added. “You see the cartels how they’re operating. You only can get that if you’re at the Rio Grande and actually seeing what is transpiring here. So it’s my hope that she’s not just going to go there and play political games and continue to blame President [Donald] Trump, but actually try to speak with the Customs and Border patrol agents.”


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