Conservatives Need to Ditch YouTube and Switch to Rumble STAT 

Written with contribution from Sheriff David Clarke

It is no secret that, as of late, YouTube has really ramped up their already clearly biased and targeted censorship of conservative content creators or anyone else who challenges the mainstream progressive narrative.

Despite the fact that entire states are joining the lawsuit filed by Texas with the Supreme Court of the United States alleging fraud in the 2020 US presidential election, YouTube has decided that discussing the very real, legitimate election concerns is forbidden.

The Post Millennial points out, “Their silencing comes with the backing of a moral authority that tech companies have assumed is theirs, despite consistent and overwhelming evidence of incompetence and corruption.”

On Wednesday, YouTube made it clear they are done hearing people gripe about pesky election fraud on their platform and they aren’t going to allow conversations concerning the integrity of the 2020 election to continue there any longer.

They also claimed that since the safe harbor period is now over, the states’ certified election results will stand and they’re doing their part to ensure nobody questions the election results any further and that everyone using the platform are only exposed to the leftist narrative that the election was totally “secure.”

As Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked one Big Teck form CEO, “who the hell elected you to make those decisions?”

The good news is that there are now alternatives to the Social Media Technocracy such as Rumble where videos can be shared without the worry of Big Brother cracking down on content they don’t agree with.

The Post Millennial joins a myriad of conservative personalities urging conservatives who are looking to develop and maintain “a platform with a significant audience” to head over to the alternative video-sharing platform Rumble.

PM raises the point that conservatives are actually the ones who have made YouTube what it is today yet they are now the very voices the outlet is looking to silence for “asking inconvenient questions” that are legitimate.

Rumble, a video-sharing site co-owned by former Secret Service agent and conservative personality Dan Bongino (who also co-owns Parler), is proving that they are a platform that truly values and promotes free speech.

One popular news outlet that has vowed to make the switch to Rumble is OANN. In a Twitter post the conservative outlet said “#OANN decided to #MakeTheSwitch to #Rumble, where we can freely report the news without restrictions or censorship.”

RSBN also pledged to move over to Rumble saying they would no longer be using YouTube to share their content.

Since RSBN has been covering the allegations of fraud during the election and the lawsuits brought by President Trump and his team, they no longer have a home at YouTube.

This is exactly what conservatives need to be doing. Getting off the Silicon Valley oligarchs’ platforms and establishing our own outlets run by patriots, and not globalist technocrats.

This is why President Trump asked Congressional Republicans under a veto threat to remove Section 230, a law that shields Big Teck from lawsuits in the latest defense budget bill. Republicans overwhelmingly joined Democrats in passing the defense bills without the President’s request.

We now know whose side the GOP is on and it isn’t our side.

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