Daunte Wright’s Arrest Warrant Was For Choking And Robbing Woman At Gunpoint

Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old black man who died after being shot by a police officer in a suburb of Minneapolis last weekend had a warrant out for his arrest that was related to an incident of aggravated armed robbery, according to court records.

In other words, this man was not exactly an upstanding citizen yet many blacks still embrace these crooks. There are so few examples of true racism in America anymore that the race baiting antagonists have to scrape the bottom of the barrel and use criminals in order to find any examples to promote their myth-making.

According to Fox News, Wright, along with another man who has been identified as Emajay Maurice Driver, an old high school acquaintance, were both charged with first-degree aggravated robbery for an incident that occured back in December of 2019 in Osseso, Minnesota. This information was included in documentation from the Hennepin County District Court.

“According to the documents, Wright and Driver went to a party at an apartment in the 600 block of North Oaks Drive in Osseo – about 5 miles from Brooklyn Center, where Wright was fatally shot,” the Fox News report says.

“Around 2:30 a.m., two women at the home told Wright and Driver they needed to leave, but the two men said they did not have a ride, the documents say. The women reportedly allowed Wright and Driver to spend the night,” the report continues.

“In the morning, one of the two women left the apartment to get $820 in cash to pay the other for rent. After paying the rent, she left for work,” it says, adding, As Wright and Driver were waiting for their rides, the other woman who stayed behind said Wright allegedly blocked the door, preventing her from leaving. Wright then allegedly pulled a black handgun ‘with silver trim out from either his right waistband or his right coat pocket,’ pointed it at the woman and demanded the $820,” Fox reports.

The victim of this crime then asks him, “Are you serious?” to which he replies, “Give me the f—ing money, I know you have it.”

When the woman asked again if he was serious, he then told her that he wasn’t “playing around.”

Wright apparently grabbed her and started to choke her while attempting to get the cash out from under her bra where it had been hidden away.

The court documents go on to reveal that she was able to get loose and then “started kneel down and scream.” She later told the authorities that she allegedly heard Driver tell her to hand over the money to Wright, who was yelling at her and demanding her to stop screaming.

The woman screamed at the pair to get out of her apartment, telling them the cops were close by. Wright then threatened to shoot her and once again said, “Give me the money and we will leave, give me the money and we will go.”

Wright tried to choke her a second time and take the money. Driver again told her to hand over the money to Wright. They both left the apartment, got into a white Cadillac and drove away from the scene without getting any of the money. The woman was able to identify both Wright and Driver through photo line-ups.

“Wright was arrested and later released on $100,000 bail. As a condition of his release, he was not to have contact with the victim or witnesses, had to refrain from drugs and alcohol, and could not possess a firearm,” Fox News reports.

“Wright’s bail was revoked in July because he allegedly possessed a firearm and was not keeping in touch with his probation officer, according to documents obtained by Fox News,” the report says.

It can be said that holding career criminals on high bail improves their chance of them staying alive. Had Wright not had a deadly police encounter, he was leading a lifestyle that showed him being at high risk to be killed by some other street thug.


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