David Hogg Is Back, and He’s Humiliating Himself Yet Again

Need a good laugh?

You’ll like this one.

Remember David Hogg, the insufferable teen gun rights activist from the Parkland, Florida shooting who just wouldn’t go away after the mainstream media all but canonized him for parroting tired anti-gun arguments to anyone who would listen?

Well, he’s back and yes, he’s still making a total fool of himself.

It’s nice to know as the world seems to burn around us that, well, at least some things never change.

As BizPac Review reports, Hogg appears to be trying to leverage the upcoming general election to try to get himself another 15 minutes in the spotlight.

And it’s failed miserably.

Early Friday morning, widely hated far-left activist David Hogg posted a poll to Twitter asking, “Would you be interested in seeing a video post every day from now on until election day with my thoughts on what’s going on?”

He should have already known the answer …

While the tweet has since been deleted by the humiliated left-wing radical, copies of the devastating results still remain.

By roughly 9:00 am Saturday morning, the tweet boasted over 90,000 votes, with 83.3 percent of them having been a resounding “No.”

But by noon Saturday, the tweet had mysteriously disappeared, likely because Hogg didn’t appreciate being told the truth. Liberals rarely do.

Yikes, that’s painful.

I don’t normally say this, but thank God for Twitter users’ good taste!

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