Defund the Police…Dogs? Yes, This Is Really A Thing Now

As if it weren’t already nonsensical enough to call for police departments to be defunded to help minority communities, there is now a call to defund police dogs and yes, I am dead serious.

Mankind has used dogs for millennia for everything from farming and hunting to warfare and law enforcement and like many other tools and institutions throughout history, they have been used for both good and evil.

Police dogs are a very valuable resource. When used by police departments throughout the country they have discovered illegal narcotics, weapons, found missing or endangered people that human senses alone would have missed. Police canines have been injured and killed in the line of duty thereby saving a human police life. Their deterrence alone helps officers keep the peace. It is where the phrase, “junkyard dog” emulates from.

So naturally, K9 units are now the focus of the “defund the police” hysteria.

Why, you might ask?

Because of critical race theory.

That’s why.

Front Page Mag shares that Ald. Khalif Rainey of the Milwaukee Common Council recently proposed legislation urging the Fire and Police Commission to forbid the use of canines by the Police Department as a use of force.

“The use of police dogs has a much darker history than is typically realized by people who have only seen the dogs as a wagging tail and friendly face,” Rainey explained in a news release, as reported by The Journal-Sentinel.

The alderman pointed to the history of dogs having been used in Nazi Germany or against Black protesters during the Civil Rights era.

Ok, I have to stop here. This is one of the most ignorant utterances I have heard in a very long time. That is saying a lot in our current politically charged environment where lefties are all trying to outdo each other for designation as the extreme statement of the day.

What, are we going to start discussing the inherently white supremacist nature of the canine species, or can we be realistic for five minutes here?

“These practices from decades ago are still sadly in place today,” he declared.

Pass Khalif the Kleenex please so he can dab the corner of his eye.

OK, no. I guess we can’t be realistic, as German Nazis are actually not still hunting down Jews hidden beneath floorboards and Southern segregationists are, in fact, not actually chasing down peaceful civil rights protesters with dogs.

The Nazis and Segregationists also printed books full of propaganda based on bigoted, baseless gibberish about the people they hated yet—look at that—this practice is still alive and well today among the ruling class of propagandists who dwell in universities and teach nonsense like critical theory, of which Rainey’s narrative is reminiscent.

Front Page Mag also notes that Rainey is the same man who suggested shutting down water and electricity to non-essential businesses who wouldn’t shut down during the pandemic, which sort of sounds like the kind of thing those dog-wielding German Nazis would do, too.

“As a city we need to do everything we can and use every tool at our disposal to stop the spread of the virus, and I believe shutting off the lights and the water to scofflaw businesses is one key option Milwaukee must pursue,” he said at the time.

The only virus that needs to be shut down immediately is the disease of modern liberalism that is killing more black, Hispanic, and poor people today than police canines.

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