“Delaying the Inevitable”: Kari Lake Goes Scorched Earth on AZ Election Officials

According to GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, election officials in the state of Arizona are “slow rolling the results” of the midterm election that took place on Tuesday in order to “delay the inevitable” outcome of the race.

However, Lake did tell Bianca de la Garza during an interview with “John Bachman Now” that she is “100 percent sure” she’s won the “too-close-to-call” race against Democrat challenger Katie Hobbs, promising that as governor, changes will be made to the election processes in the state.

“There are 621,000, almost 622,000 votes left to be counted,” Lake said during the interview with de la Garza. “A good chunk of those, more than half, 384,000 are mail-in ballots that people carried to the polling place on Election Day to hand deliver. Those are people who don’t trust the drop boxes and don’t necessarily trust the postal service, and those will fall our way heavily. We estimate at the low end, those will fall 60% our way. At the high end, perhaps even over 80%.”

Lake also went on to insist that Hobbs, the secretary of state for Arizona, “has never been in the lead.”

“They just haven’t counted the votes, and many of the votes are Election Day votes, which is where our people turn out,” she stated. “We are going to win. We’re going to win handily.”

Lake also revealed that there are 17,000 “Drawer Three” ballots, which means they came from 70 voting centers “that had shoddy machines that weren’t working.” She also referred to the 2020 election as an “embarrassment.”

“The people of Arizona are sick and tired of elections being run like we’re in some banana republic, and we won’t have it anymore,” Lake stated. “We’re going to win this. Everybody in this state knows we’re going to win it. I was running against a basement candidate who didn’t even campaign, didn’t debate, and the people didn’t vote for her. There was zero excitement.”

“We will, mark my words starting on day one, begin to reform our elections so that they’re fair, honest, and transparent,” the Arizona Republican said.

This story syndicated with permission from Chad Prather

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