Democrat Chris Murphy Has Introduced A New Universal Background Check Bill

Sen. Chris Murphy, a die-hard liberal and dedicated anti-gun individual has introduced a brand new bill that introduces a universal background check and will also expand retail point-of-sale background checks for private sales too.

According to a new report from Breitbart,  President Joe Biden urged lawmakers to work toward putting together legislation that dealt with universal background checks on Feb.14 and then on Feb. 18 it was noted that Murphy was likely the person would end up doing it.

For those who might not understand the big deal with universal background checks, the reason they’re a bad idea is because they criminalize law-abiding citizens who might sell a gun of some sort to a lifelong friend or neighbor unless that person seeks out a Federal Firearms License holder and submits to an FBI background check.

Guess who this kind of legislation doesn’t hurt? The criminals. After all, most bad guys with guns get those weapons from the black market, illegally, so they never submit to background checks in the first place.

These kind of checks have been in place in the state of California since the 1990s and despite that, shooting victims in the area of South Los Angeles actually exploded 724 percent during the first 16 days of 2021.

“The key with universal background checks is they lead to other gun controls, such as government-mandated rationing of firearm purchases, which now exists in California,” the Breitbart report says.

“Moreover, on January 24, 2021, Breitbart News pointed out universal background checks are unenforceable without a gun registry. This is because such checks are presented as a way to track every gun sale in the country, retail or private. To do this, the government must first know where every gun sits currently. This leads to firearm registration, which now exists in California as well,” the report continues.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal has cosponsored the bill.

“The American people are responding to a political movement that has resulted from Parkland, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas — the shorthand of tragedies that have caused this political movement to be a force that has met this moment of reckoning,” Blumenthal said commenting on the legislation.

Background checks or lack of had absolutely nothing to do with Sandy Hook, where the per killed his mom and stole her gums before going on a rampage. In the Las Vegas massacre, the gunman passed background checks to purchase his firearms.

So how exactly do any of these bills stop mass shooting? They don’t they instead harass and frustrate the overwhelming majority of gun purchasers who would never use it to indiscriminately kill people.

In fact this obsession on background checks isn’t foolproof anyway. Dylan Roof the gunman who killed churchgoers in Charleston South Carolina, purchased a firearm after a background check by the government failed to notice that he was ineligible to buy a forearm due to drug use.  Yes, they blew it. So lets harass lawful gun owners as a corrective measure. Stupid.


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