Democrat Mayor Arrested After Throwing Crack Cocaine Out the Window of His Car

Massena, New York, Mayor Timothy Currier was arrested Monday by police after a brief pursuit in which the Mayor and former 26-year chief of police, threw one gram of crack cocaine out of his car window.

Yes, you read that right.

The mayor of a New York town was arrested after attempting to discard his drugs out the window and yes—you guessed it!—he’s a Democrat.

The police were in pursuit of the Mayor Currier following an undercover narcotics sting conducted by the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the St. Lawrence District Attorney.

A press release on the arrest states that Currier was arrested for Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance, Tampering with Physical Evidence, which is a Class E Felony, as well as Failure to Comply with a Police Officer.

According to the release, agents attempted a traffic stop in connection with drug sales and possession that Currier was suspected to be involved in. When the authorities attempted to stop Currier he refused to pull over for about ⅓ of a mile through the town of Massena.

Prior to stopping his vehicle, Detectives saw Currier throw the crack cocaine out of the passenger window and agents noted that he was alone in the car.

After his arrest, he was arraigned and met with a judge virtually who ordered him to appear at a later date.

Residents of Massena were shocked by the news of Currier’s arrest.

“It’s not supposed to be that way,” said Emily Orologio.

“Absolutely. It’s crazy. But it’s 2020. Anything can happen,” said Amanda Martin.

The Deputy Mayor Matt LeBire told town employees that they need to carry on at an emergency meeting and said that he “was certainly shocked and disappointed,” adding that “It’s not in line with the man I know at all.”

Somehow, I have trouble believing that it was a shock this dude was doing crack-cocaine. Users really aren’t that hard to spot. But that’s what he said, so I guess I’ll give the deputy mayor the benefit of the doubt that his chief was really, really good at hiding his use of this notoriously highly addictive substance.

LeBire reassured the community that extensive financial checks and balances were in place and that Currier did not use taxpayer funds in the Mayor’s alleged activities.

“Zero risk or chance. There’s absolutely no issue there,” said LeBire

According to WWNY-TV, Currier played an “instrumental” part in starting Massena’s Drug Free Coalition as well as a clubhouse for at-risk youth. He even counseled recovering addicts at one point.

Wednesday afternoon, Currier announced he will take a leave of absence and seek treatment.

In a statement he said, “I cannot express how embarrassed and disappointed in myself and for my family and friends.”

It would not surprise me if after a period of time, he resumes his mayoral duties after rehab. Democrats and their voters always seem to excuse this kind of behavior from one of their own.

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