Democratic Congresswoman Says CO Shooter Was Able To Kill 10 People Because Of “The Rapid Fire Of These Assault Weapons’

Democrats continue to put their ignorance of both human nature and firearms on full display by pushing the same, tired myths and misunderstandings about “assault weapons” and their speed capabilities. It seems the vast majority of the radical left think that if something is an “assault weapon” that equates it to a machine gun. That’s not true, of course, but facts don’t seem to ever stop the left from saying something stupid about an issue they don’t understand.

By the way. If someone beats you over the head with a 2by4 board, they just turned that piece of wood into an assault weapon.

According to Breitbart, Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat from California, made an appearance on CNN’s “AC360,” where she stated that the reason the shooter in Boulder, Colorado was able to kill ten people in the store was due to the “raid fire of these assault weapons.”

“I mean, he was able to kill ten people, not anyone was wounded, they were killed, and it’s because of the rapid fire of these assault weapons. And when you have more firepower than the law enforcement officers, there’s something fundamentally wrong. We do not need assault weapons to kill Bambi. It is something we have got to come to grips with in this country,” the congresswoman said.

The statement about Bambi illustrates that Speier has zero understanding of the Second Amendment. The reason our founding fathers codified the right to bear arms in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution was so we the people would have the tools necessary to defend ourselves from tyrannical government and from criminals. It was not about hunting.

How can we as a nation protect ourselves against tyrannical governments without having weapons with which to do it? The Second Amendment is an individual right. Banning certain types of firearms turn individual rights into group rights. Our system of jurisprudence has always been predicated on punishing those directly involved in wrongdoing, not punishing people who did nothing.


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